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   Chapter 25 The Thing With Sleeping Beauty and Nudity

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 6468

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'How was her breath?' Sadie pries over the phone

'I don't know. Anatole wouldn't let me go up to the attic.' I report with a smile, lying on my bed after a sumptuous dinner where Anatole duly backed me up, bringing up a range of topics that kept the entire family amused and stole the chance from my parents to investigate any further about Sadie.

'You're not fighting your brother for sleeping beauty are you?' she lightly prods

'quite contrary; he's in love with you now.' I divulge

'me?!' she wonders

'he's a huge Ambrose Michaels fan apparently and might be looking for you on facebook right now if I know him well enough.' I chuckle lightly. She chuckles too

'well I should get on too.' She says frivolously

'He's fourteen Sadie.' I point out

'six years can't be that much of a difference.' She chuckles softly

'I'll have you know we have a history of feuding over women Anatole and I.' I disclose

'Really?' she probes

'Just last summer the girl he liked said I was more attractive than him; it was war though she was only thirteen and I had no interest in her.' I divulge flippantly

'wow!' she says

'It wasn't that bad, at least he didn't get me kicked out of the horse races.' I point out lightly.

'You got us kicked out.' She reminds me

'that's not what my parents heard.' I disclose

'your world is too small.' She sighs

'I know. It's a miracle we haven't bumped into them.' I say as the idea peeks into my mind. I bet if I talked to Anatole we could make this happen!! 'I have to go. I have an early date tomorrow.' She says 'with whom?' I wonder

'Why? Are you jealous?' she teasingly pries

'Of course I am.' I coo feeling her smile

'don't be. It's a girl.' She assures me

'now I want to see this.' I decide as she chuckles

'it's Natalia Bryce.' She reveals 'as in the singer who has sex in all her videos??' I wonder trying to keep my voice straight 'yeah.' She ch

lure!' mother exclaims. I stand up in protest

'I am fifty-two years old Herve! My father died at fifty-six! You are in line to be the next earl of Angelford and instead of taking this seriously you are frolicking with some black American loose cannon!!' father shrieks pointedly, his double chin jiggling in anger as he speaks

'I am taking it critically! I've been summer schooling so I can pass the exams at the institute of Actuaries sooner than scheduled; I have done naught to displease you! And for once in my life I love! I love and you stand in my way and tell me not to??!!' I bellow at them

'you know nothing of love!' mother hisses

'how am I supposed to??' I challenge her.

She gawks at me in shock

'do not talk back at your mother!' father warns me.

'I have to go; I'm having dinner with Sadie tonight and I'm going to officially make her my girlfriend! When you have your change of hearts and are ready to confer on fairground you know where to find me!' I state turning for the door and stomping out in a fit of irk. This is going wonderfully to make my heart race as such.

'I tried getting her to like Sadie.' Anatole reports

'its okay mate. I'll see you around.' I promise him with a high five as I grab my keys and walk out to the silver bullet...

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