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   Chapter 24 Neurotic Reports

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 10853

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'I have to go. I just walked past the mote and the dragon's chasing Me.' I say over the phone to Sadie. She's making fun of me because I told her we live in an old castle just to humour her

'see Rapunzel anywhere?' she probes

'it's sleeping beauty and she stays in our attic.' I jibe lightly as Milford opens the door for me

'well don't kiss her. She has killer breath.' She says as I chuckle

'why would you say that?' I pry saluting him 'she's been asleep for how long?? Sounds to me like a recipe for killer breath.' She states 'sounds to me like you're asking me to be faithful to you.' I decide tenderly as Mother rushes down the stairs towards me

'I'm not! We're not officially going out. You can get with whoever you want.' she stiffly says. I smile 'then what do I have to do for us to be officially going out?' I investigate

'are you asking me to be your girlfriend?' she inquires 'well I was prompt to assume that you already were. I would like to rectify my speed.' I shrug opening my arms for mother to hug me

'I'll think about it.' She says though I can picture the cute little shrug she is saying it with as though we were discussing this over dinner at my place

'then maybe we can discuss it over dinner at my place Sunday?' I prod as lightly

'I'll see if I can push some things around.' She coos tenderly 'good. I really really really like you and I would want this officiated as soon as I'm through making out with sleeping beauty.' I announce as mother gawks at me and Sadie laughs 'by Jove! Who is that??' mother shrieks

'I'll talk to you later.' I say hanging up on Sadie.

'Where's Anatole?' I wonder giving her a lifeless hug

'at the croquet fields with your father.' She says flashing her wide blue eyes at me. I wonder if she thought those would look good on a man when she was giving them to me! 'I ought not ill dispose him anymore.' I decide walking away from her as if I thought my trip was really about seeing my baby brother.

' I decide walking away from her as if I thought my trip was really about seeing my baby brother

Herve's Mum ^^

'We need to confer.' She says walking out after me urgently

'about what mother?' I wonder innocently

'who was that on the phone?' she inquires

'you will meet her soon enough mother. Fret not.' I assure her looking out into the sunny day

'reports have reached us Herve; .' She dramatically says. I turn to her and smile, smoothing the conservative bun of chestnut hair affectionately

'what has Anatole done now?' I teasingly imply. She blinks awe at me

'it's not Anatole.' She reveals

'has father taken ill?' I wonder enjoying my little game

'No, he's fine.' She assures me

'the companies?' I wonder

'not the companies.' She tersely states

'mother are you ill?' I feign emotion

'Herve! It's about you!' she cries out sourly

'Am I not father's son?' I whisper like I suspected it all my life

'you're the spitting image of him!' she exclaims

'but I have your eyes and your lips.' I shrug affectionately caressing her face

'you have his sense of humour as well!' she hisses at me. I smile at the graceful woman

'what have you heard mother?' I sigh tiredly like I had better things to do.

'You ma

nd opinionated, she tells people off a lot and has this penchant for doing naughty things that she never gets caught doing, loves a lot of adventure and stands her ground, she wants to rule the world and has this beautiful notion that she can save the world, she doesn't care about titles and stuff like that and will do as she pleases, she is ambitious and doesn't tell me things directly which just makes it all the more interesting. She thinks we are the most boring nation in the world and has the cutest little temper, hates horse racing and thinks we're all fops and she has the most unconventional little apartment. She shoots music videos for hip hop musicians; I helped her out with one for Ambrose Michaels last month and this time she's talking to some boy band or another while taking trimesters for her Law degree because she can't wait to start taking over the world.' I list down wistfully

'Did you say Ambrose Michaels?' he whispers excitedly

'I did.' I confirm

'Ambrose Michaels like 'you can knock a pimp down but a pimp aint dead!' Ambrose Michaels???' he excitedly shrieks. That definitely wasn't the song she was shooting a video for!

'I suppose.' I shrug

'I love him mate!' he announces

'okay.' I say wondering where my little brother has been listening to hip hop

'posted on the block like a phone booth, my pockets green like I got asparagus growing in there! You can shut me out tell me you aint got me a job! You can knock a pimp down but a pimp aint dead!' he raps bobbing his head like I know the song he's talking about

'the song was something about love gone wrong.' I reveal

'BE GONE!!' he screams excitedly at me. I smile and pretend to stand up

'SIT BACK DOWN!' he cries merrily. I sit back down

'are you telling me Love Games has a video coming out soon?' he pries breathlessly

'yeah.' I reveal. He takes in a deep breath

'and you know the video director.' He adds

'I do.' I promise

'this is sensational.' He says reaching for his phone 'what are you doing?' I investigate 'calling Varden. He needs to know that my brother's girlfriend shoots videos for Ambrose Michaels.' He announces...

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