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   Chapter 23 The Nearer the Edge, The Closer the Fall

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 3662

Updated: 2018-01-24 18:09

'Mother.' I state picking the phone up, Hughes stepping away

'Herve, you ought to come by sometime this week.' She articulates.

She's not asking.

'I have class mother.' I report distantly

'you must make time for this honestly.' She states

'I wish so as well.' I sigh feigning a yawn to press my case

'this weekend would be grand.' She announces

'I suppose I could.' I submit

'do so. Anatole would be ill disposed to miss you any longer.' She says like this is really about my baby brother missing me

'Indeed.' I agree stiffly as Sadie walks out of the small office with a smile

'too many croque monsieur's.' She coos with that smile that melts me

'I'll make an appearance mother.' I state hanging up and smiling down at her

'sorry.' She says

'it's okay; she's demanding me home this weekend.' I reveal with a little smile

'not you too.' She sighs 'what?' I probe 'parental issues.' She sighs

'the only issues I have involve waiting for you to come to terms with my feelings for you.' I whisper smugly. She smiles

'what are those?' she investigates

my tongue into her mouth grunting from the explosive remunerations from her tongue as I clench the dress in my fist akin to the notion of cleaving it off her. She stops and takes in a jagged breath, her chest heaving invitingly at me

'I really like you.' She whispers urgently, staring into my eyes prodding.

'I really really really like you.' I whisper right back to her with a smile. She smiles back

'three reallys.' She counts lightly

'what can I say? I'm standing at the edge of the cliff about to be enamoured by you.' I disclose primly. She smiles and starts to kiss me again. She ought to screw me as willingly as she kisses me nowadays!! It would do me a great world of good to heal my loins of this ache!!!!

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