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   Chapter 21 Legion of Dissent

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 4433

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'Mother wants to see me.' Hilliard merrily announces

'this weekend?' Leigh investigates

'correct.' Hilliard says

'and have you prepared your defence?' Koen probes

'I have.' Hilliard assures us

'I ought to show myself at home as well.' Emery sighs pensively 'we should all just descend upon them like a legion.' Koen wistfully says 'and I am taking Dionne with me. It should be grand partaking in pornography when my parents listen in.' Hilliard schemes as I study them, realizing that Sadie had cut right through us when she stereotyped the rich swot.

The only person here worth his salt was cowardly Leigh who didn't see the point in frightening the hand that fed him! I sigh into my cards; we ought to get a life!

'If this is what courting the wrong damsel is about I cannot linger for them to start suggesting any damsel! I will have as many as three in my domicile!' Hilliard says. Well; she can't say we don't have ambition! 'Five!' Koen competes with him, his aqua eyes bright since he's been partaking in pornography as well with Florence

'we won't be having sex! We'll be having Orgies and sex parties with VIPs cards and nudist chants!' Emery ruffles feathers and loins around the table. I smile. That is definitely ambition!!! As much as it's not visions of grandeur. its aspirations!!

"Wish m


'teach me.' I whisper to her, probing the black coffee of her eyes desperately

She shuts her eyes as though there was something in mine that could weaken her into submission 'please Sadie; teach me how to be the guy on the right list! You don't understand how much I need to be him!' I declare ardent

'Herve!' she sighs

'I refuse to be anyone else! I refuse to be anyone but him!' I divulge fervently

'inculcate him into me; kiss me with your knowledge of him and turn me from this frog you want nothing to do with!' I importune

'I want to be your prince Sadie! I want it more than else.' I assure her as she opens her eyes and looks right into me

'why do you melt my resolve this way?' she silently wonders

'because you know I'm worthy of these perils you're taking.' I promise her. She smiles and sighs

'you better be.' She warns me

'I am.' I vow

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