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   Chapter 20 Banging Walls and Goodbyes

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 4519

Updated: 2018-01-24 18:04

'Guess who was screaming in delight but last night.' Lucas says at the croquet field. I should have drowned him in the croquembouche last night when I had the chance.

'Hold your peace Whitlam!' Leigh pleads as I determine my mallet in my hand

'I'm not talking about me Burlington. Hadley was groaning and banging against my wall all night long. I hope fortification was incorporated.' He reports.

I turn to the bright and breezy Hilliard; Dionne is it? His cheeks are flustered and almost as red as his hair now! His hazel eyes gleam 'the way we journeyed there was no need for protection.' Hilliard proudly announces

'lunacy!' Leigh grunts shutting his eyes

'how did you copulate??' Koen inquires resting on his mallet excitedly

'first she kissed the senses out of my little head and drank the elixir like it was but the last drop of liquid on the planet. And when again I was equipped she bowed over and received spanking scandalously with a lot of ardour, once again drinking the very elixir and soaking in it with reprehensible self-importance.' He announces

'nasty wench.' Emery grunts with a contemplative smile as though he was thinking of himself in the situation. I smile turning to Lucas who is looking at me 'what's your malfunction?' he investigates comically

'Don't commence that folly as well.' I lightly warn him


hink it's simply sensational that you came.' Lucas counters. She smiles at him. What is all this hand stroking proceeding twixt them?? What would have come about if I had not come here to impede? Would she have gone without telling me about it?!

'READY!' Carlen says rushing out to us, Marcus struggling with a trunk he is trying to fit into the boot of the car. If she thinks I am in anyway poignant of this situation she ought to have learnt better! Lucas stands up and lends her a hand. She stands up and smoothes the tiny khaki skirt before she follows him out to the car and hugs Marcus.

'She's the worst person for you; can't you see that??' Liesel wonders studying me as the car rolls down the lowland

'I see it more than you know Liesel.' I assure her.

Isn't it the entire point of the scheme? To give my parents a fright by introducing them to the most incongruous dame for me???

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