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   Chapter 19 Baffling Perfections

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 3506

Updated: 2018-01-24 18:03

'I have no idea what to do with you !' she sighs taking a seat and hiding her face in her palms, a striking gesture of being overwhelmed if any. I take a seat opposite her and reach for her knees

I take a seat opposite her and reach for her knees

'Sadie...' I sigh

'we're not ready for any of this.' She decides jadedly

'we are.' I assure her

'no we're not! You range from incredibly sweet to a motherfucking asshole and then back to sweet and you just bounce between the two extremes like a hyperactive Spalding!' she shrieks infuriately, her hands flinging around as though she was simply beleaguered by the circumstances

'what's a Spalding?' I wonder. She sighs and looks at me 'it's a brand of basketballs.' She explains resignedly 'okay.' I register it in my mind. She looks intently at me in silence for a while as though she was trying to fathom what my malfunction was.

'I don't trust him; you I trust.' I assure her

'we are the most unsuitable couple I have ever come across.' She announces pensively

'no we're not.

uested for nothing in return! How self-seeking is that?! I gave her a ride to the plaza! I offered her this complimentary vacation! I'm quite the altruist!

I even constrained my autonomies with her when she expressed no interest in coitus!! If it was Lucas he would tie her to the bed and have his way at any rate! Especially if her body called to his the way it did to me! I decide that she has gone dippy now and attempt to shut my eyes again but to no avail. What she needs is to savour the feel of the incidence without my interruption. That's what was necessary here; if she was of the notion that Lucas was in any way better off than I then I ought to give him fair chance to prove else!!

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