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   Chapter 18 Big Load to Carry

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 5680

Updated: 2018-01-24 18:02

'I have to change dresses!' she reports as I smile despite my numb stinging cheek


'get out!!' she hisses at me angrily.

I take her into my arms and give her a kiss before I walk to the door. As long as that yellow dress wasn't on her body when she was in his arms I feel relief. I open the door and shut it, pretending I was trying to get in when Carlen steps out of her room

'I doubt she would want to talk to you right now.' Carlen irately says to me. I sigh

'Carlen you know how much of a dimwit your brother can be; you more than anyone know I was only protecting Sadie from him.' I point out

'I think you could have used less traumatic methods! You know our history Herve! You know it better than most! And yet you chose to use it against us today!' she whispers snappily at me

'I had no alternative.' I assure her.

She pouts sweetly and then walks into her room, shutting the door. I swipe my hair back into position and tie my bowtie, fixing it as I wait to see which dress was replacing the yellow one. The door opens to a silk like sheath in indigo, silver pumps and accessories accentuating things I did not need accentuated today of all days. She spots me there

'CARLEN!!!' she yells out before I can attack this dress if you can call it that! It's basically a sheath! It's holding on too tight! That's illegal somewhere in the world! Carlen opens her door instantly

'let's go.' Sadie says taking her hand and walking away from me. I suppose I have no option but to follow her around tonight...

'I knew it had something to do with her!' Liesel hisses in distaste

'it had nothing to do with her. She's

e apologizes to her. She grunts and turns to him 'we'll talk later.' She assures him 'I didn't mean to get you in trouble with him.' He adds maliciously. I want to beat him some more but that would only work to his advantage 'don't worry. You didn't.' She ascertains offering him a hug, which he takes all too willingly, pointing at the plump backside and winking at me.

'Get some rest.' She says to him then turns to me, walking out of the room past me. I warn him off his games and follow her out.

Sensing me behind her, she increases her pace down the steps but I persist until I grip her elbow, stopping the dame in her tracks. She stomps her foot on the stair and turns to me

'let go of me or I will scream so loud your tympanic membrane will go amiss for a long time to come.' She hisses angrily at me

'we need to confer.' I plead with her

'about what?!' she grunts, her eyes wide in enragement

'the saloon; please.' I supplicate grateful that the domicile was empty thanks to the precincts activities. She stares at me with a pout that's innately something like a smile of the heart. I fight back a smile...

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