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   Chapter 17 Loser Takes All

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 6141

Updated: 2018-01-24 18:00

'Tha fuck was that?' Sadie wonders frankly.

I stare at her in disbelief as well. Lucas must really want this! We've done everything from hit him; smack him with the sticks, land on his foot, bump into him, knee his gonads and even haul him around, but the damned nincompoop was like a grasshopper, jumping and hopping all over the place! Whispering what he was going to do to her into my ear every other second until I lost all sense and pounced on him, stripping him of his shorts like I was a bear clawing at prey, Emery, Hilliard and Koen joining me in solidarity as the ref blew away at his whistle for a great minute before the rest of the team rushed in to unclench Lucas' throat from my hands. Still by the time I was getting the red flashed at me with my lacrosse net covering his head, he was winning!

'Are you okay??'

Liesel probes rushing to me as though I'm the one who had been pounced on by a duke and three barons and lived to tell the tale. Am I okay? I just lost Sadie to Lucas Roland! What part of okay is that??

'You are nothing but trouble! If I find out you have something to do with this!!!'

Liesel shrieks at Sadie who simply ignores her and stands up from the forms, walking past me to Lucas who is being surrounded by Carlen who is visibly shaken by the fete, Veronica, Isabel and a few of the newer members of the ton.

I grunt watching Sadie reach for Carlen's shoulder supportively, Carlen turning around to her and seeking a teary hug.

'Does she have something to do with this?' Liesel probes curtly, wiping my face with her handkerchief tenderly

'who?' I wonder teasingly

'Herve McClure this is no laughing matter. It's mental illness! I demand that you get her on the bus out of here tonight!' Liesel declares haughtily. I look into her hazel eyes and smile

'Liesel I have everythin

t I am weak and shaken as well as strong and emboldened by the very feel of the mount. She lifts her hands to the sides as though she was a thief who'd been caught and was yielding of no other choice, her mouth opening for me, her waist moving against my swollen gonads as if it was begging for me to sheathe her with my phallus, which wasn't far from where I was now!

'SADIE?? ARE YOU READY?' Carlen's voice asks through the door, knocking on it inquisitively. She'll go away! She should! Fade away Carlen! Vanish!


I withdraw my mouth and smile at the discomfited dame in my arms. She reaches for my hand, trying to pry it from under her dress, which I have decided she isn't wearing to the formal.

'I'm awake!' Sadie grunts trying to remove my hand with more determination

'great. Get dressed. I'm sure Lucas is wondering where you are.' Carlen says

'you're not wearing that!' I announce in an unassailable whisper

'you can't tell me what to wear!' she hisses at me

'fine.' I announce tugging at the dress until a side rips loudly. She angrily slaps me

'ARE YOU OKAY?' Carlen wonders from the upheaval

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