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   Chapter 16 The Lacrosse Insurbodination

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 3495

Updated: 2018-01-24 17:57

She adores mushrooms it seems. I watch her dig into the chicken and mushroom excitedly at the lunch table. She turns a gaze to me as I wipe of some cream at the edge of her lips for her 'thanks.' She mumbles

'no problem.' I shrug wondering if she's going to watch lacrosse later today.

She smiles 'are you full?' she wonders as I plot out how great a lacrosse player I'm going to be today. I smile wistfully 'you have to come watch lacrosse later today.' I reply. She chuckles 'do we get kicked out of this?' she investigates

'no; I'm excellent at lacrosse. All you have to do is adore me from the side-lines.' I assure her 'does it have small shorts and thighs of steel and tackling?' she inquires.

I chuckle 'not really.' I reveal

'is it like golf?' she probes

'you've never witnessed Lacrosse??' Lucas sticks his nose into our conversation 'I have that's why I was asking what it's like.' She dryly retorts.

'it's a sport in which two teams of ten players use sticks with a net pouch Crosse at one end to throw and catch a s

s at one point or another. I want his lesson delivered today at lacrosse. Is that understood?' I investigate 'but my sister is still chaste!' Leigh points out 'it's not about your sister.' I grunt 'I understand what you're saying.' Koen concedes seeing as there was a time in his life he was besotted by Veronica. 'I'm aboard.' Hilliard agrees 'I ought to fix him a tad.' Emery says with a smile. We look to Leigh 'I don't believe violence as our recompense. We of all people should understand his situation as we know it.' Leigh says 'are you in or not?!' I demand

'I build my abode by the fence.' He declares with his green eyes flashing indignation 'then stay there.' I warn him crossly...

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