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   Chapter 13 Along Came a Posse

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 5023

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I stare into the waters, trying to gather myself. My hands still felt like her skin was there. My mind still weighed her bum, her breath. Fuck! I probably had that red lipstick on me as I was! How could she feel so close when she was all the way over there. Was she? I turn to where I left her and the damned witch IS there! I run my hands through my hair and turn to her, wearing her shoes as if the matter was dealt with appropriately! She ought to be spanked! I ought to do it too! I ought to place her across my laps and spank her until she has no qualms about letting our bodies have their way! I bang my head against the bridge, trying to get blood back up there in time before she does something stupid like ride away without me!! I turn my gaze back to her as she pets the mare's blonde mane. I take in a deep breath.

'What did you mean when you said you were a horse?'

I wonder. Did she mean she was wild and needed taming? To know that I came in peace? A bit of tempering and familiarity?She turns her gaze to me

'the Chinese zodiac.' She reveals with a little smile as I stand up and offer her my hand

'tell me about that.' I prod. She turns away from the horse and walks to me

'there are twelve animals each animal has a corresponding year which starts again after every twelve years...

'To own the entire world?' I wonder as we look up at the stars now

'sounds like madness doesn't it.' She sighs into the night breeze I am shielding her from with my body as we stare into


A familiar voice says causing her to jerk away from me. I grunt and turn around to find my posse on horseback all staring at us. Marcus, Hilliard and Emery are chuckling as Leigh stares on in astonishment, Lucas unpleasantly smirking at us. Her hands drop from my shoulders, mine from her behind

'so sorry to disrupt your mating but Lady Rollins is worried sick.' Lucas announces curtly

'we were just on our way back.' I huskily re-join, knowing I must look a storm

'after copulation or before?' Hilliard pries with a chuckle. She makes to move for him but I block her for his sake

'I'll handle him later.' I promise her.

She takes in a deep breath, squinting her eyes at him like she was planning to meet him alone in a corner and deal with him appropriately. I smile at the thought of Hilliard being handled by the little lady

'let's go.'

She states. I let her walk to the horse, looking for my shoes and slipping them on before I follow her and mount the horse...

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