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   Chapter 12 Lit Conflagrations

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 9616

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'You're going to be banished old chap.' Marcus decides patting my back casually as I watch her ride away

'no such thing is going to happen. Angelford knows where his head is.'

Leigh assures the lads. I do. I know where my head is! I'm not falling for Sadie, I'm craving for her! There's a difference between falling in love and being enthralled in covetousness; this was raw sensual lust. I had to find a way to fulfill it and retrieve my head soon...

Lunch is chilled Gazpacho with Gruyere cheese and strawberry shrimps with lamb as the main dish and cooled dessert tray of ice-cream sherbets. The conversation is lively as Carlen elucidates upon their adventures

'then you should enjoy the horse races tomorrow. Maybe you can race one.' Liesel says to Sadie. There's something in her tone I don't quite like

'I doubt she would though.' Lucas says staring at Sadie who smiles

'you're right. I won't.' She announces

'you should. You've got something of a talent' Carlen says

'I'd say it was more of a borderline obsession.'

Sadie says turning to me while smiling into her drink. I smile at her, the only person in this table who understands what she means. Is she saying she was craving my company as much as to unleash untapped horse jockey talents in her?

'Who's the charming rogue now?' I teasingly inquire

'I'm not charming you; I'm just ass kissing so I can go see the fish's thoughts.' She whispers in recompense. I chuckle softly

'then let's go.' I decide standing up and grabbing an apple. She stands up and takes my hand, following me out to the stables. We'll need a horse for this...

'What's that?' she asks as I put the helmet on.

I smile

I smile

'you'll need one.'

I assure her. She shakes her head. Of course I had changed into something more suitable for the excursion.

'why are you such a dandy?' she wonders, her hands at her waists

'you think I'm a dandy?' I wonder in awe of her.

'yes.' She affirms

'I'm not.' I announce

'then why does your helmet match your shorts?' she investigates. I realize that instantly

'fine; have it.' I say handing it to her

'I don't want a helmet. I'm not a jockey.' She announces

'it's for safety.' I assure her

'I can take care of myself.' She shrugs

'and I don't mind when the wind ruffles my hair a bit.' She adds suggestively looking at my gelled back hair

'I don't mind when the wind ruffles my hair!' I declare as she smiles

'it's okay; I understand you're sensitive.; think it might fall off?' she teasingly pries, giving my hair a pitiful glance

'I don't mind a bit of wind in my hair.' I reiterate, my grip tightening around the helmet

'put the helmet on. It's okay. Hair loss is a natural process that I don't want to accelerate for you.' She mockingly says pushing the helmet towards me. I throw it on the floor

'be gone with you

it out.' I assure her, laying her down under the tree and taking her legs onto my lap.She presses her hands against her eyes like it was a game of pick-a-boo

'tell me when you're done.' She says as I examine the toe and reach for the splinter, which seems to be shying away from me like a virgin would do in my state of excitement.

'This may hurt a tad.'

I state having no time to be nice and sweet with this part of her body. I squeeze the toe red between my thumb and forefinger and grip the splinter with my other hand, yanking it out, watching her jerk and squeal before the toe is restored. I grip her legs and part them, stretching out in between them and atop her

'now where were we?' I coo, my hand once again exploring the smooth cool skin of her upper thigh. She groans softly and then stops me

'I can't.' She announces

'you have to! You can't just light conflagrations and not use them!' I protest. My god! I'm almost ripping my own shorts with this need! Can't she feel that?

She smiles at my declaration

'don't get me wrong ; I'm not a tease, I want to. I'm just not the type to do this.' She says trying to push me away

'to do what?' I demand, she had done everything perfectly as far as my body was concerned.

'meet a guy, get away with him on some distant Judith McNaught meadow and have sex with him among daffodils and birches. That's not me!' she declares

'you sexually frustrate me!' I hiss at her. God knows what colours I was all over tight now!

'I'm sorry. If its sex you wanted you picked the wrong girl.'

She states slamming her hands against my chest as though I was but a door she could bang open in that manner. I grunt and pull away from her, needing some air to my head. I stand up and walk to the bridge, removing my loafers and sitting on the bridge, dipping my feet into the river to cool my aroused nerves and regain equanimity of this situation.

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