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   Chapter 11 Of Rotten Authorities

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There was something about this woman that was insanely attractive. She was in a print romper, sport shoes on as she saunters over to the table, late for breakfast and unapologetic about it. I smile as she takes the seat next to me. Damn you and your lipsticked lips! I want to say in greeting

"Morning." I coo.

Did you sleep at all after kissing me?

She smiles


She replies as the table is set for her. She was specially constructed it seems. It's the only explanation for her looking edible and tasting just as great!

'Hi.' She says excitedly at Veronica who seems shocked by the spontaneous interest in her

'hallo.' She says stiffly

'she's not with him.' I whisper into her ear before she says anything about last night. She turns to me in shock

'what do you mean not with him. Wasn't she with him last night?' she pries in a concerned whisper

'yeah, but he's here with Isabel.' I explain discretely pointing at the girl with her copper eyes and honey hued hair. She turns to me in distaste

'then what was he doing with her?' she pries

'we know what he was doing with her.' I chuckle softly taking a sip of my lemon tea and remembering those damn red lips on mine

'That's unfair on Isabel.' She declares digging into her fruit

'I doubt she expects fidelity from Lucas of all people.' I shrug taking a waffle and dipping it in chocolate.

'So he's excused by virtue of being him?'

She demands catching a few ears in our private conversation. I dip the waffle into her mouth distractedly, my mind on the thousand fevers she gave me throughout the night without knowing it at all. I watch her lips of lightning take the mini waffle into her mouth, picturing bits and pieces of me going in the same way. I wanted to offer myself up next, my tongue, my lips, other parts that would make her blush. The shivers embrace my spine again. I seriously consider jumping out of my chair and laying her on the table in front of all the company we have around us. I pull my finger reluctantly away from the lip it was about to caress

'Morning Sadie.' Lucas says across the table. Of course he would be of a mind to interrupt us. She turns to him

'hi Lucas.' She curtly says as I blink and try and regain reason

'you look lovely.' He announces

'thank you.' She states. At least she didn't like him!

'Will you be picnicking with the ladies or practising archery with us?' he investigates mockingly. Who knows!

'don't mind him Sadie, he was dropped at birth.' Carlen announces with a bright smile.

'She really likes you.' I point out. Sadie turns to me

'what's that meant to mean?' she investigates

'Nothing.' I shrug with a smile

'you said it like you were surprised that someone can like Me.' she argues

'why would I be; I like you.' I reason

'then what's wrong with Carlen liking me?' she probes

'nothing.' I repeat. I didn't mean anything by it!

'then why did you say it like there was something wrong with it

ifts a synch

'straighten it completely.' I say holding on to her midsection until her back is straight and stiff. My hands threaten to slide lower to her sex

'ready' I report to the umpire, holding her arm from behind and aiming the arrow for us

'RELEASE!' He shouts.

She releases the arrow as it goes on straight to the bull's eye, my body refusing to move away from hers as we stand there. Her back was plastered to my front like we were Siamese twins, the fever firing up engines that I wasn't used to handling at this hour in this manner.

'We make a good team.' I whisper huskily into her ear, feeling drained from the brain towards my smaller head

'we have a winner!' the umpire announces as Carlen aims an arrow at the tree and lets it go

'we have a draw.'

He corrects himself as it hits the bull's eye, Sadie taking the opportunity to step away from me and run to Carlen, releasing me of the contemplation of dry-humping her like a haunted adolescent oblivious of his sexual desires and fighting to control them. I watch them high five in a beautiful display of affection

'that can't be counted! None of them are even included in these games!' David laments pointing at the girls

'are you pointing at my sister?!' Lucas haughtily demands, David retracting his hand clinically.

'What do you want to do next?' Carlen pries. Sadie turns to me

'you owe me.' she reminds me

'I promise I'll take you after lunch.'

I vow with a smile, the breeze helping me regain equanimity a tad though it turns against me and blows away at her romper, making it stick to her body and draw out things I didn't need to be envisioning right now.

'I'll see you at the house then.'

She says walking to the stallion purposefully. I take her by the elbow and pull her to me, kissing her cheek though my lips yearn for more

'I'll take you after lunch.'

I reiterate gruffly into her ear. I wish she understood the depths of my yearnings, and my desire for her...

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