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   Chapter 10 An Exorcism in The Dark

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"Angelford! I heard they are going to exorcise you." Lucas Roland, the next earl of Whitlam says laughing out loud. I lean in to the table

"When my parents are so desperate to get me out of love with Sadie and they are throwing all manner of dames at me and I'm having so much fun it's unbelievable I'll give you a call."

I assure him with a smile as Hilliard nods in consent. Lucas' smile turns awry as he realizes he's the one in a douser not I.

"Finally we can eat; the ladies are here."

Emery announces. We all turn around as I spot Liesel in a mauve gown, her auburn hair now in tight curls, not the long catastrophe I'm used to. Her gaze meets mine and then she smiles. I stand up and walk to her with a smile wondering if she's met Sadie yet.

"Hallo there." She says jovially

"Greetings. Have you met my friend Sadie? She's sleeping in the room right next to you. I told the porter to arrange it so." I investigate looking around for her.

"I sleep next to Winchester." She says creasing her brow at me. I suppose I am being rude, not asking after her day and all that. But I was slightly worried about Sadie!

"Then who sleeps next to Sadie?"

I wonder as Carlen Roland struts into the room with her sable mane coiffeur in vogue, Sadie sauntering in next to her in a red dress accentuating the perfection of her. Carlen says something friendly and animated to her; looks like she's made a friend! Her gaze meets mine as I walk away from Liesel to her. She smiles

"that's him." She says to Carlen who gives me her brightest smile

"Angelford! I had no idea you had a roguish bone in your body." Carlen says and I nod at her, trying to pry my eyes away from Sadie but failing. She was wearing lipstick the same red as my desire for her.

"You look very tasty." I say to Sadie who smiles

"I do." she decides taking my arm

"Good night Carlen" I excuse us as I lead her to our table

"What the hell is this?" she wonders staring at the room of couples and escorts

"It's the summer open. The Rollins host it every year to encourage mingling because they found true love blooming from the summer they met."

Lucas explains flashing a charming smile at her. I'm starting to wonder what the devil's incarnate is equal to. She smiles at him and I want to punch him. That's odd. I think to myself... or perhaps it's unreasonable.

"And you are?" she wonders

Dead if he keeps looking at you like that. I don't say

"Lucas; you can call me Luke." He says taking her hand and kissing the back of it melodramatically.

"Sadie; and I shake hands so don't do that again." She warns him off to the shock of everyone in the table. I smile at him; yes, a female just whipped him of his devilish charm. It's expected really. She did try and say no to ME if you recall.

"Sorry." He mumbles

"No problem." She shrugs as the amuse bouche arrives.

"How did you two meet? You're together right?" Marcus Ingradel investigates

"We are." I assure him before she can say anything to the contrary. She turns to me with a smile. I smile back and place my hand at the back of her chair possessively

"So how did you meet?" Carlen urges excitedly

"We both go to DroughFox." I state

"You go to DroughFox??" Lucas inquires and I want to poke those meandering green eyes of his. She nods her head at him

"You should have come to Kings' it's much better." He says as she turns to me as if to ask me who he was

"Anyway it was just a casual day we were at the cafeteria having a chat about nothing when Emery got his toe stepped on by that lovely damsel next to him and who charged in to save her? Sadie." I reveal with a reminiscent smile

'talk about killing two birds with the same pebble.'

David chuckles, the table breaking into small talk and laughter as the soup and sandwiches are served, the music a wistful ensemble on violins and harps. She talks mostly to Carlen, Viola, Lucas and I though I can tell the entire table is listening in on what she has to say and it makes me smile.

'I like violins; especially in songs with words though.'

She says as I smile. Lucas is really at his wits end here. He can't impress her with his knowledge of violin concertos because it doesn't matter to her at all. She's swatted off his flirtatious advances so expertly I can't say I haven't enjoyed myself.

'who do you like?' he pries

'that Meera girl, the one who plays the violin in hip hop songs. She won my vote.' She says

'mine too.' I agree like I know who she's talking about.

'Angelford! I didn't know you listen to hip hop!' Marcus announces to the table which goes quiet

'I'll have you know he helped out with a video Viola and I were shooting for Ambrose Michaels.'

She discloses proudly. Ah yes, everyone at the table knew who Ambrose Micheals was because of the entertainment news and tabloids. But I would bet my fortune that not one person here could name any of his son

." I persist opening the door for her.

I wanted to be seen like this. With her. She sighs and steps out of the balcony into the hallway and I follow her in silence certainly. We walk down to the right side where the bedrooms for the dames are, no word being exchanged, each of us staring at something with all our concentration as though we were not walking side by side this way. I clear my throat and straighten my bow tie as we come to her room door. I reach for it and open it for her.

She walks in, her head hung before I take her by the elbow and pull her back to me, pinning her twixt the wall and my body before I set our lips together in the coldest fire I have ever experienced. My legs flame in my gonads as though they were on fire though my spine shivered as though I was naked at winter. The delightful contrasts of what her lips were doing to me baffling my senses in repose. She moans softly and then her hands coming across my chest as if she wants to push me away but the strength was lacking.

I grab her hands by the wrist and continue my distempered discovery of her lips, my hands on hers stopping me from stripping myself of the clothes that were about to cling to my body in sweat. My hips sway dangerously into her form. It feels very much like three thousand fevers attacking me in a state of no defense! I could only imagine what she must be feeling as I combat my body's mounting yearnings. The shutting of a door near us wrenches me back and away from the erosion of sensibility that was her lips as she grips on the door about to fall to the ground as though I had drained her of any power she had within her.

I smile at her breathlessly

"You look stunning." I gruffly announce, and she did. She looked like a banquet for a starving man with desire in her eyes. Her lazy eyes turn to me

"Goodnight." She whispers supporting herself on the door before she shuts it.

I smile to myself; Jesus Christ on my lacrosse team! That female had lips of lightning!!! I feel my sensitive lips with my fingers, the sensation something like pins and needles on the lips. That was encouragement for much lunacy on my part! Dear lord I want nothing more right now than to take my clothes off! I grab my bowtie and yank it off, trying to cool the frenzied temperatures of me when a set of shoes catches my attention. I stop and look up at the frowning Liesel Rockford, smiling.

"Hallo there." I say my voice still a tad rough from holding back insanity at lightning lips.

"What are you doing ?" she investigates moodily

"What do you suppose?" I wonder with a bright smile

"Are you trying to get disinherited?! " she whispers distraught at my state.

"What makes you think so?" I prod frivolously

"Her lipstick is all over you as well!" She reaches to my face to try and wipe it off. I want her lipstick on my face! I've wanted it that way since... the cafeteria! Do you know how long I've craved this?!

"Leave me be Liesel!" I push her hand away

"We ought to discuss this more seriously." She announces

"We will. Right now however I have to get to my room and handle my erection like a gentleman." I decide frankly, watching her gasp in shock at my proclamation as I air kiss her cheek and penguin walk off to my room rigid between the legs.

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