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   Chapter 8 Introductory Appearances

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 10658

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"Sadie!" I call out in the crowded hall of the law faculty class, spotting her in a pink tunic with a black belt and pink and black sport shoes.

She stares at me wide-eyed like I was the last person she expected to see again.

"Lunch with me." I request out of breath and calling unnecessary attention from my outburst and rush to her.

"What?" she wonders, her mouth agape

"Have lunch with me." I reiterate a tad more clearly, looking into the eyes as dark as milk less coffee.

"I can't right now.'"She says like she is collecting her thoughts '

"Tomorrow then, or dinner.'"I suggest as she studies me in disbelief

"I... I... didn't think you'd want to after last time." She says shaking her head

"I want to.'"I confirm with an encouraging smile.

Heck! I want to do more than just see her! She smiles back

"Dinner tonight." She announces smiling back at me

"I'll pay this time." I add.

I want to take her some place fancy to offset the rumours before I ask her to away with me this weekend to Lisboan. She studies her pink watch then sighs

"What time?' she investigates

"Whenever you're ready. We take the bullet though, no motor bike." I add

"Okay. I'll call you then...

"Where are we going?" she wonders seeing the general direction of our ride.

She is in an off shoulder cream white frock that has absolutely no regard for those of us who are uncomfortable in our pants around her. I think she looks marvelous

"This place by the river. It's a bit uptown and boring but it has a really nice ambiance." I promise her

"The Jovian." She guesses in a way that says

How predictable of you and I disapprove'

At the same time. I smile

"The Jovian." I substantiate driving much better than she does.

For starters I'm on the right side of the road! She turns to me and studies me with a smile. If her lips are the devil, her smile is the devil's mother!

"What made you change your mind?" she wonders

"About what?" I probe, trying not to think abut the temptations of my pants

"About dating me; what made you think of asking me out one day after the worst date of your life?" she inquires.

To some extent she was right. If we weren't in this situation with the formal, I would have walked away from her a long time ago.

"That wasn't the worst date of my life." I decide, she, in general, was the worst date of my life!

"What part of the date wasn't a complete disaster?" she investigates gleefully.

That it was with you, I want to, I have to say something smoother

"The part where I realized my main ambition right now is to find the inoculations for this borderline obsession to be near you." I pronounce firmly.

She chuckles and shakes her head

"It has to be obsession considering how badly it's ended every time we've been in the same place." She agrees lightly as the miniature castle of The Jovian emerges before us...

The setting is made to look like the opulent lounge of a family, couches instead of ordinary seats with small tables between the couches. I had called in to book a table by the river, which normally meant romantic interest in a person seeing as they were romantic love-s

f and a bunch of dinner dresses. I can do that in a small suitcase." She announces with a heavy sigh.

I smile and wonder how small a small suitcase is! I've seen women travel; it can't be as small as a love seat!

"Splendid. So shall I pick you at two thirty?" I inquire

"I have class until two forty five and I can't miss a second of it." She reveals and that dampens my plans just a bit

"Then let's meet outside the halls at two forty five." I offer.

"We can do that." She says softly

"I have to pack. I'll see you tomorrow." She says

"Pray God, I was hoping to have you for dinner again tonight." I sigh.

I wanted "us" to look as natural and lovey as we both could!

"I have to read for the jurisprudence." She declines

"You're right. I have some errands to run. I'll see you tomorrow then." I say as she hangs up on me...

"You ought to be spanked Angelford." Hilliard says shaking his head. I smile

"Why Hadley I didn't know you felt that way about the same sex." I teasingly reply

"Mother was with duchess Brigham but the night before last. She sent me this message." He says unearthing his phone for me.

I reach for it and read the message, smiling. Apparently the duchess spied me in a rather taxing position with a very incongruous consort. The baroness doesn't believe a word of it and would like to confirm for herself; if the case be truth she would like her dear son to discuss the matter with me. I smile

"Shall I?" I request getting ready to reply

"Do so." he concurs.

"Fret not mother. It is merely affable twixt Angelford and the damsel Sadie. I'd think they make a very congruous match if at all they should decide to be more as Angelford has explained to me is somewhat in the future in his intentions with her. She is a very fetching American libertine with a lot of ambition and intelligence as her fort. I'd assure your tendre for her will exceed your own expectations as it did mine." I counter.

He chuckles and shakes his head of red hair

"She will succumb to a seizure." He decides sending my retort

"She will talk to my parents." I assure him...

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