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   Chapter 7 Thanks For The Flowers

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 14350

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"And where might you have been yesterday?" Hilliard inquires with a naughty smile

"If you must know I was featuring in a hip hop video." I announce at the breakfast table.

Leigh going completely ashen like he never bothered to listen to the music! Emery stares at me like he knows something I don't

"Sadie and Viola's project?" he inquires

"Indeed." I confirm playing with my omelette majestically.

"Sadie?" Koen probes

"My consort to the summer open." I explain

"The lass who strokes others behinds in greeting! Is she coming away with you this weekend?" Hilliard pries excitedly

"I'm advancing towards that result." I announce primly

"You mean to say she has declined your machinations thus far?" Leigh inquires the interest in the room piquing in search of my response to this absurd insinuation.

There was a belief I fought to keep by me; that since I was the one with the highest rank I would have the easier time with the fairer sex. Sitting here with my posse and telling them I was working for a woman's approval was not going to favour me well.

"I hadn't the time to ask her yet, though she seems drawn enough as it is." I declare as Hughes walks to me primly bringing my phone

"Lady Sadie." He announces.

I smile; just in time. She seems to have the wonderful habit of charging in to save me in tough spots!

"Your chauffer answers your phone for you?" she says in greeting

"Morning to you too." I reply

"Wassup. What happened last night? You disappeared." She says lightly

"If I remember correctly you walked away with Ambrose Michael." I remind her

"Oh yeah; sorry about that. He's weird like that." She shrugs

"I wouldn't say he's weird, if he's weird I'm weird. What made it awkward was that we were fighting for your attention." I declare

"He won didn't he?" she realizes

"It's my fault. I should have whipped out some glow in the dark body paint as well." I lightly sigh as she laughs into the phone, the entire table watching me like I was television.

"Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the help yesterday." She says

"You could thank me over lunch but I'm not sure I can make it there on time." I say making it look like she's the one who's suggesting it.

She sighs

"Would you like to come to lunch with me?" she investigates

"I can push a few things around to have you as my wonderful inconvenience." I say pensively

"Great. Meet me at the plaza at around half past?" she requests

"I'll see you then." I assure her

"And don't try kissing me this time." She adds comically

"Don't tempt me and I won't." I retort as she chuckles and hangs up on me.

I turn to my omelette and poke at it with intent, the myth set back into place...

The plaza has no burly gentleman today. I'm of the idea that Ambrose Michael is no longer around. I walk in to the reception, wondering exactly where she expected me to chance upon her. I look around for a second then reach for my phone just as a colourful swing blouse catches my eye. I look up to find her there, she seems to be wearing a black leotard and navy boxing shoes on her feet as she walks up to me. Her lips today are a dull mauvish brown that I still want to stain my clothes and skin. I thought I'd asked her not to tempt me!'

"Ready?" she inquires

"Sure." I retort as cheerfully as I can past the itch of my hands to cup her breasts.

She wasn't wearing a bra!

"Let's bail then." She says turning around

"We're not eating here?' I wonder

"No. This place is for old sugar daddies and their whores; I don't have a problem with that, I just have different ideas of a good time." She declines.

I turn tragically to see if anyone from management has heard her but no one is ill mannered enough to bid her reply as she saunters out of the plaza and into the sunny day. I follow her down the street to a blue motor bike

"What do you think of bikes?" she inquires touching it and looking over her shoulder at me

"I wonder how your hair is so perfect if indeed you rode that here." I reply

She smiles

"Worried I'll ruffle your suave swipe back look?" she investigates with a bright smile

"I'm not one to take such concerns seriously." I deny

"There's a term for men like you; metro sexual." She explains lightly

d if I'm going to let you kiss me and you're already jumping into a relationship.' She reminds me

"Is there such a sin as knowing what you want and going for it?' I inquire

"Only if you're a woman is it considered a sin of aggression. When you're a man it's considered boldness and courage.' She announces as Marceline brings her pitas and my chicken tomato wraps

"Feminist as well.' I note pleased once more with my choice as her phone starts to ring, something of a rap song.

She smiles and picks it up; how many will frown at her for that?!

I dig into my wraps as she talks to Viola about something or another, the discussion mainly about the video it seems until she looks up at me and shifts in her seat then gives a small smile. Is the conversation about me now

" I can't talk right now.' She whispers.

It is! She's talking about me!

"Okay. I'll see you later. Bye." She says hanging up and digging into a pita as I smile inquisitively at her.

She smiles back at me and takes her glass of tangerine cordial

"You want to say something?" she pries cheekily

"No." I decide

"She said a tonne of white roses had just been delivered for Me.' she clarifies

"That wasn't me. I'd send you white tiger lilies.' I announce.

I would. They seem more like her than anyone I've ever met, a tiger and a lily moulded into one such beautiful woman. She grunts as it occurs to me who sent them; Ambrose Michael!

"So do you plan to attract all your clients?" I inquire dryly.

She looks up at me as if I'd slapped her. I can't believe myself that the words came out of my mouth!

"I'm sorry; who dropped me at the plaza and assured me that my look was fetch for the occasion?" she retaliates

"Touché. I grunt finding that I didn't have much more to say to her after the tonne of roses waiting for her arrival at her residence...

The rest of the lunch passes in awkward silence as I watch the piranhas with more interest and she picks up a conversation with Marceline about the dessert menu's limitations and the plans for summer or some such thing! I dismount the treacherous bike, feeling morosely endangered by her driving as I spot the flower shop across the street. I thoughtlessly walk to it and pick out a white lily with the tiger spots on it and turn to her, seated on the bike watching me. I walk to her and remove her helmet for her and then place the lily in her curly coal black hair

"Now you'll have to drive slowly so it doesn't fall off." I announce with a little smile before I turn for the plaza where the bullet is parked, the bike igniting behind me.

What should it mean to me that some big hip-hop guy was courting her? I'm an aristocrat! Though that may mean nothing to her it meant a lot to others; I'm sure it would mean a lot to Ambrose Michaels if he found out I was the next duke of Angelford!

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