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   Chapter 6 Body Paint Bandit

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"Is it the same as last night?" he is asking her in the limousine as we're served some sort of hip-hop prototype of Champagne in a gold glass bottle.

I watch her explain something to him, catching Viola's gaze on me once too often. I somehow manage to hold it, forcing her to smile at me briefly then shift her gaze away; my aquifers must be freaking her out. I smile into my glass of whatever this is as she takes a large swig at hers and grunts.

"I like you." Ambrose announces with a smile.

She smiles back

"You haven't put a few shots of tequila in me yet." She warns him with a bright smile then turns to me

"You're quiet Mr Charmer." She says lightly to me

"I'm unfamiliar with everyone but you." I point out

"I'd hardly say we are familiar." She retaliates

"I gave you a choice and you led me down another path." I remind her. She smiles

"Viola; this is Herve. He came after me with the bill for Emery's foot and I told him he could help out with the video." She explains

"Great." Viola says sipping into her glass politely

"Now would you say you are familiar with her?" she probes

"Not really. I have to bump into people to be familiar with them." I declare frivolously, watching her chuckle at the innuendo twixt us two. The car comes to a stop...

"This is the crowd scene! We need a crowd!" she shouts into the PA system, a crowd quickly gathering.

I was right! She is a libertine! Enough to attack the government as freely as she was doing with the help of Ambrose Michael with his bling bling and his designer clothes. I should take a picture with him! So far we've been through an anti-terrorist campaign and an anti-war campaign. It's getting a

quite the fright it seems!

She chuckles and slides out of my arms as though she hadn't enjoyed her brief stay there. I know I did!

"You scared Me." she explains still chuckling softly

"It's aight Shorty. When's the after party?" he investigates

"I'd love to come but I have to help Viola edit the video." She says catching her breath

"Then we'll have it tomorrow." He announces

"We're not editing it overnight. It might take a while." She says

"It's okay. We'll party tonight and you can sort it out afterwards." He says taking her hand

"Could you wash that out first?" she requests pointing at the glowing skin

"You don't think it's a great party look?" he pries lightly

"Not unless you party at the carnival's house of horrors." She decides as he leads her into the dark abyss, illuminating their path and leaving me by my lonesome.

Methinks she might have more in her plate than she ought to handle at such a tender age. She's obviously younger than I! Isn't he too old to be flirting with her this way? I feel I have been slapped if this is indeed her dismissal of me after a hard day's work!

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