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   Chapter 5 Stereotype Alive

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 3339

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'You can go.' I say to Hughes who turns around as if I've slapped him.

I smile at the very thought of slapping him by dismissing him for the day, turning for the plaza entrance where a big burly guy is standing

"Is there a security threat in the area?" I jovially inquire.

Considering Sadie told me to meet her here I won't be shocked if she's planned a protest of some sort

"Name?" he inquires unearthing a book from under his armpit. If my name was there, which I'm sure it isn't seeing as Sadie doesn't know it, then it was probably covered in sweat!

"Sadie." I announce.

He looks at me with a snarl

"Do I look blind; I know Sadie Weema. She's a fine young thing! Not a dark haired James Bond wanna be like you." He announces

"Actually some people say I'm a cross between Chris Pine and Pierce Brosnan." I helpfully offer

"I think you're a liar, now step back." He orders me

"what I meant to say is that I'm here to see Sadie. If you could tell her her date is here you'll be doing me a grand favour." I explain

"you think just because you're English you can trot up in here and trick me?'"he demands.

My fist folds involuntarily at him calling me English. English! How dare he! I grunt and reach for my phone. If he won't call Sadie then I will!

The phone rings for a bit then it picks up

"Please don't tell me you're cancelling on me or I will drive a very sharp pencil into your aquifers!'"she warns me in greeting

"I'm outside some burly nice gentleman will not let me in." I report

"it's okay. We're on our way out." She sighs mostly in relief.

"I'll be waiting right next to the guy in black." I lightly anno


"We're coming right out." She assures me.

I wonder who 'we' are. I turn to burly person and smile at him

"She's on her way down." I announce as his pager beeps.

He looks down at it and then whistles through his fingers, a limousine pulling out as he turns and opens the door to a bunch of security detail and then just when I think someone important is about to show up, Ambrose Michael appears with Sadie in his hands. Today she's in a frock with pale silver paisleys, the sunglasses mother will detest and sport shoes

"hey." she says waving at me and leaving his side. '

"Hey." I reply for lack of words.

She's American? Is she related to him? This should be utterly intriguing. A black American libertine with a blue blood aristocrat; is this history or what?!

"That's Ambrose Michael. We're shooting a video for him today.'"She casually says.

We shoot hip-hop videos!! Father would be most entertained! Not! How excellent is my taste?? By the end of this they'd be glad I settled for someone in the continent!!

"Wassup sweetheart.'"He says making a finger sign I should learn

"hallo." I reply, feeling awkward for being called sweetheart

"I was talking to her.'" He says as she smiles and turns to him

"Your boyfriend?" he probes

"My friend from school." She says

"Oh! So you go to DroughFox too?" he asks seemingly impressed now

"He does actuarial science." She fills in as Viola walks out in tiny shorts and stockings in a garish pink, boots and a vest

"Ready." She announces

"Then let's go." Ambrose says clapping his hands together and leading us to the limousine, which is actually full of people!

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