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   Chapter 4 I can Get a Tan

If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 4313

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"Hallo?" the familiar voice says into the phone

"I have a function this Saturday. I have to take you with Me." I announce primly

"umm...who is this?" she pries

"Sadie." I retort.

She knows it's me! I figured I have to be seen with her a bit before we are seen together.

"I can't this Saturday." She declines

"is this a bid to find out how interested in you I am?" I prod teasingly

"must everything be about you?" she lightly retorts

"seeing as you won't tell me anything about you I don't see why not." I decide

"and what haven't I told you about me?" she inquires

"what have you told me about you?" I reply

"my name is Sadie, I study law at DroughFox and I go to the plaza in the middle of jurisprudence lessons to meet people." She reveals

"my name is Herve, I study actuarial science in DroughFox and I'm single. I met this girl called Sadie that I have been nothing but forward with but for some reason she doesn't want to go for a movie with me. I'm beginning to think it's because I'm white, which isn't a problem; I can get a tan." I divulge.

She chuckles into the phone

"It's not because you're white." She says

"it's because I have freaky blue eyes then; I can get contacts." I offer

"it's not your eyes." She says

"you don't find me attractive? I'm attractive. I have a conservative look but I'm a charming rogue if you give me half the chance." I disclose improperly

"I have a video shoot this Saturday. It runs through the entire weekend." She announces

"so you're some sort of video girl?" I probe excitedly

"yes. My one and only aspiration in life is to be on TV even if it's just a second and only a chunk of my ass." She dryly replies.

I want to say she can't blame me for thinking that when she had a bum that fit but I don't say anything.

I smile remembering the bum in question

"what video shoot? Is this some sort of excuse?" I pry naughtily

"no it's not. I really have to go. I have to get production ready by Friday and that's tomorrow." She says sounding tired

"let me help." I offer

"what can you help with Mr Actuary?" she investigates

"you'll never

know until you try." I teasingly announce.

The line goes quiet like she is thinking about it and then she sighs

"you want to see me that bad?" she inquires

"maybe I'm just a gentleman charging in to save a damsel in distress." I suggest.

Silence again.

"Okay. Let's meet at the plaza. Is seven a.m. okay with you?" she investigates

"Saturday? I suppose I can make it." I decide thinking I'll have to cut short my nightly activities at Hadley's apartment.

"I'll see you then." She says hanging up on me...

I walk out of the changing room to the stables for my young mare Rothschild.

"What took you so long Angelford? Were you fixing your hair or your make up?" Emery teasingly pries.

"Are we playing polo or exchanging beauty tips?" I probe mounting Rothschild.

"You tell us." Hilliard replies

"let's get on with it shall we?" Leigh says

"which teams do we have?" I investigate...

"I'm excited about this! Summer open is next weekend! We'll arrive at the Rollins' summer residence at Lisboan for the weekend, Dionne in some skin befitting dress! It's going to be marvellous!" Hilliard announces excitedly

"you're causing a distraction with your pre-reminiscent self as I attempt to win this poker game." Leigh declares

"I second all but the part about you winning Burlington. That is my throne." Emery declares.

I smile and study my watch. If I plan on retiring early I should just win this now and go. I sigh and take a huge swig of my rum

"gentlemen, thank you for your money." I announce placing my three aces and a queen on the table and standing up, collecting the money as they grunt and growl in disapproval.

"I have to retire early tonight. Have fun you marvellous chaps, but not too much without me." I say taking my coat and heading out to my residence.

I plan on being on time tomorrow if at all Sadie is going to agree to take off next weekend with me. It's enticing to know that I'll have to charm her into coming, it gives me room to sharpen skills I hadn't need to use since the fairer sex found out I was in line to be a duke; a title always seems to melt them into submission.

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