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If the duke desires By Hathor Rao Characters: 4511

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"Jesus Christ on a bicycle to Bond street!" he growls in pain turning into a myriad of colours as she apologizes profusely, the lads around the table taking interest in the situation as I look out after my choice who stops at the door and turns around, finally having found out that her friend was not following her out.

I smile and turn around to the unfortunate event that has befallen the future baron of Knipschild.

"It seems his foot was in the way." I contribute.

The least I can do to get on her good side is defend her friends honour.

"She ought to have been cautious of where she walks." Hilliard announces as my choice arrives at the scene still on the phone.

"Thank you." She says on the phone summoning her friend to be quiet

"I assure you your excitement wont be for nothing." She says, her voice is something smooth and seductive as well as she stares at the whingeing Emery and shakes her head in disbelief that all that noise was coming from someone his size. She rolls her eyes at him

"I look forward to seeing you as well." She says reaching for his lips and pursing them for him, trapping them between her index and thumb

"I should see you then; have a nice flight in and let me know when you can be a wonderful inconvenience to me." she says with a bright smile that lights her dark eyes then hangs up turning to Emery and releasing his lips

"Sorry, I don't like to be distracted when I'm talking." She apologizes curtly.

He seems to have forgotten the pain he was in

"Whats wrong here?" she asks turning to her friend

"I might have stepped on his foot." Her friend reports

"Is anything broken?" she turns to Emery who seems to be regaining his lips.

"We cant be sure." I announce, her gaze briefly turning to me before she sighs

"Does anyone have a piece of paper I can leave our contacts on if she has to pay for damages?" she inquires removing a pen

"Don't be silly, we wouldn't let you pay." Leigh says as I remove my phone and hand it to her

"That was Ambrose by the way. He liked the ideas and is flying in on Wednesday to run us through some songs he wants." She reports to her friend, keying in her contacts.

Seems like I have what I wanted!

"Ambrose?? That was Ambrose??

" her friend exclaims.

She smiles and hands me my phone, sticking her behind out for her friend to spank.

"You have nice lips by the way." She says to Emery as she swings her waist so that her friend misses the behind she was going to spank

"And I hope your leg's fine." She adds as Emery smiles at her

"How come he called you and not me??" her friend exclaims completely having forgotten the foot incident!

"I don't know! Ask him!" she says as they walk away...

I turn to Emery with a smile

"You used me to get her number! It ought to be mine!" he announces

"I didn't use you. I gave you an opportunity to approach your Gloria and you declined, so I approached my Gloria." I argue out

"She likes my lips." He contests

"She gave me her number." I shrug looking into my phone book for the new number

"He's right." Hilliard admits. I smile; indeed I am.

"Wait! There are two of them!" I grunt looking at the numbers

"One must be mine and the other yours." Emery says as I stare at the two numbers.

"But which is she? Sadie or Viola?" I wonder staring at the two numbers

"This gives the both of you fair ground. You injured Knipschild to get her number so you must give him leave to pick the first." Leigh announces. I turn to Emery, considering it.

I hope he picks the wrong one, but then I won't know which the wrong one is! Isn't it unfair? He picked the milk chocolate-skinned girl who stepped on his foot thanks to me!

"Don't be such an ingrate Knipschild. I helped you gain the contacts of the lass you picked out; the least you can do is let me keep mine." I state

He looks around the table

"None of them have made any step to gain their damsels. Its just you and I. Are you really going to listen to what they have to say?" I probe maliciously.

He turns to me with a sigh

"At ease duke Angelford. At ease." He succumbs, his finger going to his lips absently.

Now to figure out which she was and where she hid herself. Three years on this campus and I had seen none of her before today! My companion to the summer open was going to open sore wounds among the ton! Wounds that had been bandaged after Charlton and Gloria had been dethroned! This was going to be quite the sensation!

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