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   Chapter 8 New book out!!!!!!!!!!

Kidnapped to live in a Castle By WhitneyJoseph Characters: 1930

Updated: 2018-02-17 10:00


For those of you who love books about kidnappings I have a new book out.... Escaping Kidnappers. It is completed.

It is totally unrelated to this book.

The only thing they have in common is that it is about a kidnapping.

______Quick intro here_______

Brianna and her best friend, Aubrey, were walking home from a football match when suddenly two men came out from the bushes with masks. Aubrey was paralyzed with fright but Brianna was completely calm.

"Look what we've got here." the tall and muscular man said.

Brianna could see the gun

nap them.

Suddenly, a white van appeared and before either of the girls could run, they were grabbed and thrown into the van, with the two men shutting the door and the van screeching off into the night.


Read to find out what happens.

So please check out my new book and tell your friends.

Feel free to ask any questions about me or my books.

Thanks :)

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