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   Chapter 7 Chapter 2- A Lesson Learnt

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Chapter 2- A Lesson Learnt

_______Kyra's Pov__________

I groaned getting up from bed. My head was pounding as if I had a massive hangover. What happened last night? I was so confused right now. I could not open my eyes fully as I felt the lighting in the room was too bright for me and it caused me to see blurry. I felt as if I was sleeping for ages and had just woken up from a hundred years of slumber.

Lisa's slumber party must have been epic last night because all I can remember is getting there after the wicked wretch, also known as my mother, dropped me off.

I tossed and turned for a while in bed and then to my disbelief, a young man spoke up. I was a bit startled as there were no boys at the slumber party the last time I recalled.

My eyes were still closed as he introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Raymond. Why don't you take your time to get up. You had a nasty fall. Just sleep. I'll get you some pain killers to ease the pain." he said in a soothing voice.

Who does he think he's talking to? The Queen? I was about to protest but my head was still killing me.

"Okay..." I mumbled, barely able to speak.

He handed me the pain killers and water. He then left the room, closing the door behind him and locking it.

After I took the pain killers, I felt a relief from the pounding in my head. I still felt a bit disoriented and my mind raced as I tried to figure out what happened.

I fluttered my eyes open and gasped in shock. I was in the room of my dreams. It was castle-themed which was quite beautiful with a soft king-sized bed which I was currently lying on, baby blue walls, and posters with all my favourite actresses and actors.

It seemed so surreal like I was still dreaming and I sat with my mouth gaping as I admired the designer's exquisite delineation of the room. I fumbled out of the bed and I turned around in circles as this felt like a fantasy. I tried to pinch myself to wake up but for some reason, my mind was trying to tell me that this was not a dream and I was in danger. My mind started racing and then I began asking myself questions. Why would I be in danger? This place seemed so surreal and almost too beautiful to be true.

I began exploring the beautiful room in amazement. My room back home could probably fit into this room five times and my room back home was quite big. I kept rubbing my eyes as this could not be real. I saw a piano in the corner of the room and I smiled as I loved to play the piano. I had done lessons as a child but my teacher always told me I had a natural talent. There were three doors in my bedroom and I opened the first one which happened to be a lavish bathroom which looked as if rubies were embedded in the walls. My mouth literally dropped to the floor as I realised that this was only seen in movies and back when Kings and Queens actually

he ledge crying her heart out. She looked so innocent and terror stricken.

She looked hysterical and was having a panic attack.

"Kyra stay calm and stay still." I said as soothingly as I could.

She was shaking violently, and her chest was rising up and down rapidly. Her face was red and stained with tears.

"Help.'' she cried out, her voice cracking from all the screaming she had done and her body trembled frantically.

She looked like a damsel in distress and I would be the Prince who would save her from harm.

Kyra's face turned green and before I could say anything, she puked a volcano over the ledge. Her nose was runny and I honestly felt sorry for her.

I climbed out of the window and quickly came to her rescue.

"Grab onto my hand." I told her calmly but she was too scared to move. She could barely look in my direction and she kept looking down.

She was completely paralysed in fear and any wrong move would end up with her brains being splattered on the ground.

With one quick movement I grabbed her by the waist and held onto her tightly, pulling her towards me.

I carried her and pushed her into the room through the window, then I climbed in. As I looked at her, I realised that she had passed out from all the anxiety. Thank God she didn't faint on the ledge or else she would be a goner.

She looked so beautiful unconscious on the floor and I stared at her with emotions I could not explain. I loved her but she had almost endangered her life by not listening to my instructions.

She's going to pay for trying that ridiculous stunt after I specifically told her to stay in bed. She'll learn a valuable lesson. You do not mess with Raymond.

_______END OF CHAPTER______

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