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Chapter 9- Shocking News

Brianna got up at five in the morning and went to shower. She and Aubrey wore clothes that Josh's sister who was away at college, had left behind. She went to the kitchen and realized that Josh was already up.

"Hey Josh." Bree said calmly.

"Bree..." he said hesitantly.

"Yes?" she said and he walked closer to her and placed his hands on her waist pulling her closer.

"Brianna, I've had a crush on you from time I met you. You're such a sweet and kind person, even though you've friend zoned me for the last three years. I finally decided that I should stop acting shy around you and just be confident, because if I didn't act soon, someone else would. You said yes..."he said and his eyes began to water and voice cracked a little, " And...that same went missing."

"Josh..." Bree said trying to sympathize with him.

"I thought I lost you. If only I had demanded that you got in my car, then you would not have been taken. Your bag and cracked phone were found not too far away from your house, as well as Aubrey's phone which had been run over by a vehicle. I was devastated. I longed to hear your voice and see you again. And the night you called me, I thought I was speaking to a ghost. You had been gone for two weeks already and people were saying horrible things, that it wasn't the first time you were kidnapped.... that..that..." his tears began to fall down his face and Bree wiped them for him, "this time they would not find you."

Josh cried out and Bree hugged him tight.

"Promise me, that you'll make it out of this remembering how much I love you so that I can officially make you my girlfriend on our future first date." Josh said and looked at Brianna with so much love. He then kissed her passionately on the lips but that was ruined by the clearing of someone's throat.

Josh looked to see his mother standing there.

"What's going on?" she asked with her arms folded and Bree turned around to face Mrs.Armstrong.

"Is that the missing girl, Mr.Montgomery's daughter?" she asked and began to go ballistic on Josh.

"Mom, calm down." Josh said.

"Don't tell me what to do. I'm calling the police. Her parents have been worried sick about her. Has she been here all this time?" her mother said and ran to pick up the house line but was stopped by Josh.

"Mom. Listen to me. Her mother set up the kidnapping. If you call th

ey had something to do with Bryan and your kidnapping. I was determined to shut them down. I was so busy that I failed to realize that I was putting you in danger yet again." her father cried out.

"Ashley..... she was the one in charge of the kidnapping. I keep seeing flashes of her on the boat we were held captive in. She was taking revenge on you for having me. She also wanted more money and this was a great way for her to get rid of me. Her son was kidnapped to raise less suspicion from her. However, she did not expect Bryan to be hurt. She hated me from day one." Brianna cried out.

"Well, well, well. Looks like you've figured it all out." Ashley said clapping slowly and walking towards them slowly, while pointing a gun at them.

What time did she enter the house? How did she find us?

"Ashley!" her husband shouted, totally shocked.

"And to think that you were stupid." she sneered at Brianna, "Took you long enough."

"Ashley. Put the gun down." Mr.Montgomery begged her.

"No. This never would have happened if you did not cheat on me! And that case with the Mexicans, you just couldn't drop it. This is your fault!" Ashley shouted and screamed angrily and removed the safety from her gun.

"Isn't this a lovely family reunion." a deep spanish voice said and Brianna gasped in shock at the man in front her.

It was the leader of the operation, Antonio.

"Dad, what are you doing back so soon?" Josh asked confused.

"He's your dad?" both Aubrey and Brianna asked in shock.

_________END OF CHAPTER______

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