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Chapter 8- The Plan

For the last three hours, more of Brianna's memory from the past returned to her and as she put the puzzles together, she understood what was going on. She apologized to Aubrey for ever getting her into that mess and begged her to forgive her.

"Bree, don't beat yourself up. It wasn't your fault." Aubrey said and Josh comforted her.

"My mother, the woman I knew my entire life was destined to kill my brother and I? How could a mother do this to her children? She loved Bryan so much. Why would she plan this? And why all these 'business trips'? Even after the death of Bryan, she still continued her trips. Was she really gone and why would she get you mixed up in this?" Bree said confused.

"Does your father have anything to do with this?" Aubrey asked scared.

"I don't this so. The way he looked at me when he saw me tied up, I saw him break. His eyes held so much emotion." Bree cried out.

"We need to come up with a plan.

with Bree." Aubrey said sarcastically to Josh.

"Chill guys. We'll be fine. Plus, if anything, I'll come up with a backup plan. After all, I still have the gun we used to escape and it's fully loaded." Brianna said smiling evilly at the things she was imagining to do the guys who killed her brother.

"Okay, let's get something to eat because I'm starving and then go prepare ourselves for tomorrow." Bree said and then went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

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