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Bree and Aubrey were exhausted. They were tired of running and hungry. They were both weak and needed to be free from this dilemma. At 17, no teenager should have to go through what they had endured, despite the fact that they were very lucky to escape alive.

"Bree, I'm scared. I need to shower and I haven't eaten in days. I don't think I'll last another day." Aubrey said, as she held her stomach in pain.

"Aubrey, we'll be okay. I'm going to call Josh. He may not be able to protect us but at least if we can shower and get something to eat before we starve, we'll somehow be free." Bree said and using one of the phones, she dialed Josh's number.

"Hello." he answered on the third ring and Bree was relieved he answered.


"Br-Brianna? Is that you? Oh my God! We've been so worried about you guys? Where were you? Are you okay?" he asked sounding ecstatic and relieved to hear her voice.

"Josh, listen to me. You cannot tell anyone you're speaking to me. Meet Aubrey and I in the downtown park. We'll explain everything to you then." Bree said and hung up the phone.

"Let's go sit on one of the benches. This bush is starting to prick me. It will take Josh about twenty minutes to get here." Bree said and they both limped to the bench.

The girls looked terrible and almost unrecognizable due to their filthy clothing and bruises. They also smelt of sewer water.

After dozing off for a little while, headlights appeared and Josh got of his vehicle. When he saw the girls, especially Brianna, his heart broke. He could not imagine who would do such a thing to innocent young girls like them.

"Are you guys okay? We need to get you both cleaned up." he said.

Both Aubrey and Brianna got up and thanked Josh for coming to their rescue.

As they headed to the car, Brianna began to sway and Josh caught her as she fell to the ground unconscious.


"Are you guys excited for our trip?" her father asked smiling at them.

"Yes, we get to go swimming in the pools and the beach!" Bryan said excited.

"Brianna, aren't you excited?" her father asked her.

"No. I miss mummy." she cried out, her eyes beginning to water.

"Bree, don't worry. You have me to have fun with." Bryan told his sister and held her hand to comfort her, as they were driving to the airport.

"Mom is sorry she can't make it. She had a business trip and you know she misses you too."her father told her causing her to feel a little better.

"On the brighter side, you get to go on a plane with your brother and I, then spent two weeks meeting Spanish people and learning new stuff. And who knows, maybe mom can visit you while we're in

ard slap to her face, which made her stumble and fall to the ground. She looked up at her mother in horror and fear.

Why was her mother treating her like this? Why was she here?

"Listen to me you spoilt brat. I am not your mother and you are worthless. If you don't die by the time they're done with you, little Brianna will grow up like the worthless slut she is." her mother said and Bree just cried out, not understanding why this woman, who looked so much like her mother, could treat her like this.

The men then grabbed her and pinned her to the floor.

"Don't touch me!" she screamed.

"Stop. Don't touch me!!!" Bree screamed louder.


Brianna began to awake and began twisting and tuning in the bed.

"Don't touch me!!!" Bree screamed.

"Wake up!" Aubrey cried out.

Brianna started to panic in her sleep and Josh ran into the room after hearing her screams.

Brianna shot up from bed, breathing heavily.

"Relax Bree, you're okay." Josh said calmly.

Brianna began to cry now. Her memories from the past were beginning to haunt her. She was disgusted by what the men had done to her. Just the fact that they would touch a minor so inappropriately made her shudder.

But what made her so surprised was the fact that her mother was in that memory. Her mother was there when they were kidnapped, but how was this possible? Didn't she tell them that she was going on a business.

"Bree, can you tell us what's going on?" Aubrey asked concerned.

"I..I think my mom was the one behind our kidnappings." Bree said not knowing how to feel right now.

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