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Brianna eventually freed herself after hours of fighting to get out of the ropes. She saw how bruised her hands were from the tight ropes and grimaced at the sight of them. They were numb from how tight the ropes had been, causing poor blood circulation and they also cut into her wrists. She did not know how long she had been kidnapped for but she knew her time was limited.

She had already stopped crying and looked empty. Her eyes held no emotion and she did not look like the happy girl she had been hours before her kidnapping. Her face still had bruises and cuts but it didn't hurt as much. Her clothes were torn up and she was really hungry as her belly growled. However, she could not focus on eating right now. She needed to escape alive.

She composed herself and tried the door, but it was locked. This could work to her advantage however. The room was very dark so she could hide in a corner to prepare herself mentally for what she was willing to do for her freedom.

She sat in a corner away from the door and sat perfectly calm.

Hours passed and she even dosed off but her past kept haunting her so she preferred staying wide awake, adjusting her eyes to the dark room.

The sudden rattling of the door made Bree fully alert. She stood up quietly and was now waiting for the door to open.

These were the most terrifying and nerve wrecking minutes of her life.

The door swung open and then using a sneak attack, Brianna immediately gave the man a roundhouse kick in the head using her front foot, knocking him out instantly. He fell to the ground with a thud and she gave him one more skull crushing kick to the head. She then dragged his body further into the room and searched for any weapons which she could take from him.

She found a pistol with a fully loaded magazine so she quickly put this in her pants waistband. She also found a set of keys and a security card on the man which she knocked out.

Bree then quickly exited the room, shutting the door. She was not sure where she was but there were many doors in the hallway. No guards were in sight so she took this opportunity to search for Aubrey. As she ran through the halls, she heard voices speaking in Spanish. She hid quickly in a corner where they could not see her but she had a clear view of the men before her.

"él caerá el caso pronto. él está pidiendo el retorno seguro de las dos chicas. Incluso dispuestos a destruir los expedientes de los casos como si nada de esto hubiera ocurrido ." one of them said.

Bree gasped in shock but quickly covered her mouth, praying to God that they did not hear her. She understood what the men were saying, 'He will drop the case soon. He is asking for the safe return of the two girls. Even willing to destroy the case files as if none of this had happened ."

Paying attention in class had actually been beneficial to her.

She didn't want her father to drop the

rey's hand.

"What happened?" Aubrey asked as fear consumed her.

"We're not safe anywhere Aubrey. We can't call the police or go to my house or we'll be caught. I was dialing the police number then I heard his voice. He..he.." Brianna began to get hysterical.

"Bree, calm down. We need to find somewhere to hide. Police could be on their way here now as they probably saw us on the security camera in the lamp. We need to get out of here now." Aubrey said and began running, with Bree by her side.

They hid in an ally way and suddenly saw two gangsters who began making noises at them. As soon as they reached in front of Bree, she pulled out her gun and removed the safety from it.

"Woah..woah.. take it easy." the boys said putting their hands up.

"You have a phone?" Bree asked with no emotion in her voice, just sounding like a heartless girl who was about to pull the trigger on these two goons.

"Yes--yes." they said trying to save their lives.

"Remove it slowly from your pockets and place it on the ground together with any money that you have on you. And give us your hoodies." Brianna said firmly.

"Why are pretty ladies like you doing this?" one of the boys asked.

"Shut your mouth before I blow your brains out." Bree said firmly, "If you try anything, I'll kill you both now."

The boys trembled in fear and did what they were told.

"Now go!" Brianna demanded and the boys ran away like the scared babies they were.

All this time, Aubrey had remained silent and just watched as Bree made demands.

They both put on the hoodies and grabbed the cash which amounted to $230. They each took one of the cheap phones the boys left with them then ran off into a park about five minutes away. They hid in bushes and discussed a plan to escape as their kidnappers were on the loose, looking for them.

______END OF CHAPTER____

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