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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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"Stop hurting him! Leave my brother alone!" the little girl cried out and kicked the man who was hurting her big brother as he was tied up to a chair and being beaten.

The man simply shoved her and she fell to the ground. She got up and then saw another man enter the room. He left the door open and she took this opportunity to run for help. She wanted to stay but her brother gave her a weak smile, as he believed that if anyone should make it out of this alive, it should be his baby sister.

She quickly ran out of the room, as her brother's screams were the only thing that could be heard. She was very small and could easily hide, as the only way she could have been noticed was by the few cameras which guarded the building or wherever she was.

The hallway was very dark and after what seemed like forever, she saw a door which had stairs. She ran up the stairs very quickly, although the ground kept shaking. She then had two paths ahead of her, one going left and the other right. She took the right one and ran through the hall as quiet as a mouse. She then had many flights of stairs to take. Finally, after being exhausted from running up over a kazillion stairs, she saw light not too far away so she carried on in order to help her big brother.

As she ran up the stairs, she found herself on a decking of a ship. No one was in sight and although she was in a dangerous situation, she could not help but admire the beautiful sea and the fresh air which she could finally breathe instead of the musky old room she was in. She walked closer to the railing but tripped a couple of times as the ship was rocking. She had to grip the metal bars and when she finally got to the railing, she observed her surroundings to see if she could see land, but only the blue sea surrounded her for miles. She always read stories about the beach but had never seen the ocean as the area she lived only had lakes.

Suddenly, she heard loud voices shouting, "Find her! How could you let her escape!"

She knew that she had to escape or else these men would hurt her. She quickly ran in the opposite direction of the voices and ran down some rusty stairs which were very slippery and on both ends the sea was visible.

Without warning, the boat suddenly shook and she missed her footing. She screamed as she fell overboard into the cold water. She tried to fight the currents but she started swallowing too much water. She cried out for help but it was useless. She struggled as she began to sink and lose consciousness.


"Ahh!" Bree screamed as she awoke with fright. Her clothes were soaking wet. She looked

moments than his teenage years but now it all made sense. They had lied to her due to the bad memories of the kidnappings which haunted her every second of the day. It was as if her entire childhood was a lie now.

"Get me out of here!" Brianna said and started screaming and trying to free herself from the tight ropes.

She continued screaming and Antonio just left the room. The truth was too much to handle and she needed to free herself now. She feared falling asleep or being knocked out and her own delusional mind caused her to scream even more. The thoughts of them hurting her and flash backs from a kid now flooded her mind. She cried out for help and cried out for Aubrey who was probably being held in another room.

"Don't touch her! Release me and fight me like a man! Coward! You idiot! Get me out of here now!" she screamed out feeling all the hurt and anger build up as her heart began to race in her chest.

Her mind raced to so many possibilities. She began to rock the chair with all her might in order to be free.

One thing on her mind was to get away and she was seeing red like a bull now. She leaned to the left and after a while, the chair feel to the ground.

She cried out in pain, trying to twist her arms to get them free from the ropes. She tried to stop crying as in order to escape, she would need to have a sane enough mind to escape unharmed. These men were very dangerous and she had heard of the crimes and increasing gun violence in some areas. They were not a force to be reckoned with and Brianna needed to escape, with Aubrey or her best friend would be killed without a second thought to her family or the fact that she had nothing to do with this mess.

She had to get away.

_______End of Chapter_____

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