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"I want my mommy." the little girl cried out. She must have been only five years old and it was really dark where she was. She sat on the dirty floor, crying for hours.

"Shh!! If they hear you crying again they might beat us." the boy whispered back. His hands were tied up by a rope and he dangled as his feet could not hit the ground.

He was not older than twelve years old and he was trying to comfort the little girl who was in the room with him.

"Do you think mommy and daddy are coming for us?" the little girl asked, hoping she could go home.

Voices started shouting and the little girl started screaming and crying loudly as everything suddenly started to spin around.


Brianna opened her eyes but could not see anything. In fact, the dream awoke her. She could hear voices talking in hushed tones. She stayed completely still as she did not know who could be watching her.

Her eyes were blind folded and she could tell that she had been moved, as she felt herself seated on a hard chair or something. Her hands and feet were tied to the chair and her mouth gagged. She could feel the pain from the punches she had received from the masked man.

Her mind kept replaying the dream in her mind.

Who were these little children who were tied up?

Brianna didn't think this was a dream. She had a feeling it was a vision. Two other kids were trapped in this place and they needed to be brought home to their parents. They were probably siblings and who knows how long they could have been there for.

Bree also thought about Aubrey. This was all Brianna's fault. If only she had listened to her best friend and called her chauffeur to pick them up from the ice-cream parlor, or maybe taken a taxi home. They would not have been targets for these kidnappers. Brianna also blamed herself because she was a black belt. She should have been able to escape these kidnappers before they had a chance to grab her.

Her parents would be so disappointed in her fighting skills.

They never favored her. Brianna's older brother, Bryan was their favorite. He was loved unconditionally by her parents. However, he was killed in a car crash when he was 17 and Bree was only a toddler th

bruised and blood was all over it.

"Don't worry sweetie. I'm going to get you out of this." her father said and this was the first time in years she had heard him sound so concerned as if he truly loved her.

She couldn't look at her father on the camera for long because she saw his eyes full of tears and sorrow and it made her want to cry. Her face was battered enough. Her left eye could barely open due to the black eye she had and her face was red and swollen.

"Don't touch her. I'll do anything." Mr.James cried out.

"Drop the case." the man said simply and ended the phone call. He then threw the phone he used to the ground and crushed it with his huge feet.

Brianna watched the man and she could tell it was not the same man who had beat her up. This one spoke with more class. He was the one who planned the kidnapping.

Brianna tried to get his attention by making sounds and he removed the gag from her mouth.

"Why are you doing this? And where's Aubrey?" she cried out.

"You're my hostage. I ask the questions here and I say what happens." he said and then exited the room.

Not long after he left the room, a funny smell began to fill the air. They were using a knock out gas to make her unconscious. It began to make Bree feel sick.

Brianna tried to hold her breath but it soon knocked her out.

__________End of chapter_______

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