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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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Getting up, Bree groaned in pain. It smelt horrible where the girls were and it was very apparent to Brianna that she had been kidnapped. Her hands were tied up with rope and her feet were not on the ground. It was a painful position and her wrists had already turned red and blemished as her kidnapper must have tied the rope really tight.

For some reason, Brianna felt vulnerable. It was as if her whole world came crashing. Just as her crush asked her out and she actually went out and had fun, this happened.

She observed her surroundings and saw a girl's body in the corner of the dark room which she was locked up in.

The curly waves and the shadowy figure of the girl caused Brianna to fear the worst. Her best friend had been kidnapped too. Brianna knew she was kidnapped but had forgotten Aubrey was there, due to the hard blow she had received when they were taken.

"Aubrey!" Bree cried out to her friend.

"Bree, you're up." she whispered, her voice sounding hoarse from crying and she spoke as if she was going to start crying all over again.

"Don't worry, we're going to get out of here, but I need you to be strong and we need to act quickly." Bree told her best friend.

"Do you know why they took us?" Aubrey cried out.

"I don't know, but I wish you were not involved in this. This wasn't an ordinary kidnapping. I think this may have to do with my dad's case. I didn't care too much about the details of his case but let's hope we leave before we meet our kidnapper." Bree said, trying to keep her hopes up.

"Are you tied up?" Bree asked her friend, plotting some sort of escape in her mind.

"Yh, they chained me by my ankle." Aubrey said sounding defeated.

Brianna tried to loose herself from the tight rope but this just resulted in the rope squeezing her hand more and cutting into her wrist. After groaning and struggling for a while, she relaxed and the strain on her body was unbearable.

"Help!" Somebody get me out of here." Bree cried out in anguish, "When I get my hands on you're gonna wish you never did this!" she shouted and began to scream loudly, causing Aubrey to just curl up into a tighter ball and cry.

After a minute or two, Bree stopped screaming and shouting profanities. She remained absolutely calm. Brianna knew that her parents would not get them out of this situation in a hurry, and probably didn't know they were missing. They were too busy with their ordinary lives. It was up to Bree to get them out of this situation alive and unharmed.

There was no way of telling time as they were in an enclosed and dark room with no windows. It was really dark in the room, and it would be no surprise if there were pests crawling around the room, as it did have a damp sewer smell.

Hours passed until the door opened, finally bringing in some light into the filthy room.

The door quickly shut and then a light was switched on. A single bulb lit the room, rather dull but clear enough to see Aubrey who was now watching the man in fear. He was very muscular and tall.

"So, you must be the feisty one." he said walking towards Bree in a demeaning manner.

Brianna remained comp

letely calm throughout this, her head remained down and she rendered not a word to the man.

"Silent are we?" he said, " What's your name?" he asked trying to get Brianna to speak to him.

"Fine, if you don't want to talk, I'll just go speak to someone else." he said walking away from Bree and he headed to the corner where Aubrey was.

"Hey, what's ur name?" he asked Aubrey who was trembling in the corner and she tried to push herself further up the filthy wall.

"I'm speaking to you!"he shouted and slapped Aubrey hard across the face that it turned immediately to the side, and the sound echoed.

Aubrey started to cry heavily now, touching her face and looking at the man in fear.

"Leave her alone you bastard!" Bree shouted, feeling sorry for her innocent friend who was now caught up in this messy situation.

"What's your name?" he demanded and grabbed Aubrey roughly by the jaw and made her watch him in the face, although it was covered by a black mask.

"Au-au-brey." she muttered out, the tears still falling from her face.

"What was that?" he asked still squeezing her jaw.

"Aubrey." she cried out, " Aubrey Stone." she cried out.

He released her jaw and she held her face crying.

The man walked towards Bree and gave her a kick to her stomach, causing her to cry out in pain.

He then took a hold of Brianna's hair and yanked it back causing her to cry out in agony.

"What's your name?" he asked her.

"You kidnapped me, so you should know my name." she grunted out in anguish.

She struggled trying to free herself even though it was no use.

"Tell me your name before you regret ever being alive." he threatened her.

"I'll only speak to the man who set up this kidnapping." she mustered up the courage to say as he pulled her hair further.

The man suddenly released his hold on Brianna's hair allowing her to stop struggling as her neck was bending backwards with the force he used.

Before she could breathe properly, he kicked her in her stomach and then he began punching her in the face, letting blood spew out from her nose.

She tried to fight back using her legs to kick him but the way they tied her hands up dangling, it was a strain on her body.

Aubrey screamed in horror as she saw her best friend being beaten up.

When he finally stopped, Bree spoke up.

"Is that all you've got, pig?" she said, testing his patience even though he had already given her back eyes and a possible broken nose.

She then spat blood on him. That was insulting and what occurred next would make her regret aggravating him.

He gave her one last punch in her face and that was it for her and it contacted her face so hard, that her face launched backwards and then snapped back hanging down.

"Bree!!!!! Brianna!!!!!!!!" Aubrey screamed out as she realized her best friend was unresponsive.

"Thank you for telling me her name." he said to Aubrey who did this absentmindedly and then put off the light in the room and exited while Aubrey began to scream for help.

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