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   Chapter 2 NO.2

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It was getting really late and after chatting with some friends at the ice-cream parlor, Brianna just wanted to collapse on her bed and sleep until Monday....and it was already Friday about 9:00 pm.

"Bree, don't you think we should call the chauffeur to pick us up?" Aubrey said causing Brianna to groan in annoyance.

"This is the most freedom I've had from nannies, butlers and chauffeurs. Thank God I don't need a body guard. I think I deserve some freedom once in a while." Brianna said sounding as if she had been trapped in a house of riches and protectiveness her entire life, which was sort of true.

"True. But your life is great. Almost anyone would trade places with you. You're rich, but yet still you act so cool and you are so nice to everyone. Including Giselle who pretends to be rich but we all know her mom struggles." Aubrey said.

"But at least she has her mom around. My parents are always so busy. They don't even know I left the house. My mom is on some business trip with her clients and my dad has this major court case coming up against him and with the number of threats and stuff made towards him, he has no time to care about the little things in my life." Bree said a bit sad, as she would trade all the money in the world just to have an ordinary life like what she saw on tv, although that too was a false reality.

"So only nannies for the weekend, this should be fun. I love Mrs. Winchester. She's so nice to me." Aubrey said smiling.

"Hey! Don't be stealing my nanny." Brianna said teasingly.

It was really dark and creepy and the neighborhood they were passing through, although filled with wealthy people's houses, as you got further in, the spaces between the houses got further and the houses bigger.

"Bree, this walk today is taking forever and it's late. I think you should call a chauffeur to pick us up." Aubrey said, not feeling safe.

The wind began to pick up and Aubrey trembled as she was beginning to get cold. The leaves in the trees and bush began to rustle and the sky was pitch black, not a star noticeable in the sky, and the moon was completely covered.

"Fine! I'll call them. You big baby." Bree teased her friend and called the chauffeur but for some reason she wasn't getting any signal in the location they were currently in.

"There's something in the bush." Aubrey whispered, her voice sounding scared.

"What?" Brianna said loudly and suddenly, two masked men appeared before them, coming from the bush.

Aubrey was paralyzed with fright but Brianna was completely calm.

"Look what we've got here." the tall and muscular man said.

Brianna could see the gun which was visibly showing on his side.

"This can go the easy way, or the hard way." the other said and Aubrey let out a whimper.

Brianna dropped her bag and t

hen addressed the idiots who stood in front of her.

They were taken aback by her demeanor as any other person in a situation like this would be in fright, like Aubrey who was too scared to even blink her eye.

"No, you listen. This can go the easy way and we won't call the police or the hard way, with you being in a prison cell with a ton of gay men." she said boldly.

Brianna suddenly received a hard slap to her face which cause her to stumble and see black spots and two guns now pointed at them.

Aubrey let out a scream which was quickly muffled by the other man, who seemed younger than the one who had hit Brianna.

Brianna's face was red now, but not from the slap, rather from the anger which was building up from the fact that these amateur men were about to either rob, kidnap them or worse.

Brianna immediately kicked the gun from one of their hands, catching the man by surprise which gave her the opportunity to kick him in the chest and he fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The other man was still shocked and Bree moved so quickly that she pried the gun from his shaking hand and punched him hard in the face.

As he held his nose in pain, Bree decided to make it more painful for him and kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. The other man was still out of breath trying to get up and Bree gave him a mawashi geri (roundhouse kick) to the face and he was out cold.

"Let's go!" Bree shouted and the two girls ran to escape their potential kidnappers.

As they ran, dogs from the various mansions began barking and some howling. The howl sounded depressing and Brianna felt that something bad was going to happen to them but she ignored that gut feeling and continued to run, pulling Aubrey along with her.

Aubrey was crying but trying to be strong. They were two houses away from Bree's house.

Suddenly, two black Audi R8's pulled up and a white van appeared and three men exited the back. Bree tried to divert but they were completely surrounded.

Before either of the girls could run through the bushes guns pointed at them and about eight men stood in their way.

Brianna wanted to fight them but she didn't want Aubrey to get hurt as they would probably kill her first.

Brianna looked at the luxurious cars which looked very familiar to her but before she could say anything, they were grabbed and thrown into the van.

Bree tried to fight them still but after much kicking and fighting, she was hit in the head with the back of a gun.

There was dead silence after this as Aubrey remained in shock, not even her sobs were audible as the men tied her up.

All that could be heard was the van screeching off into the night, with the two cars following them.

_______End of chapter________

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