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"Aubrey, remind me again why do I have to go to this?" Brianna asked her best friend who was at her house currently throwing clothes out of the closet, to find the perfect outfit for her friend to go to the game with.

"I don't even know how to play football." Brianna whined, as she wanted to stay home tonight and just read on wattpad, like she had been doing every night for the last four months.

"I promise that you will have fun. Plus, that cute boy Josh will be there." she said trying to convince Bree to go to the game with her.

"No, he doesn't even like me." she responded, now sprawled out on her king sized bed, with her face buried in her pillows.

"Then why does he always want to know what you're up to and constantly asking you to go out with him?" Aubrey asked, making a valid point.

Brianna made a muffled sound and continued grumbling but it was incoherent as her face was stuffed in the pillow.

"What? I can't hear you." Aubrey responded in a mocking tone.

"I said..., " Bree answered getting up from the bed and chugging the pillow at Aubrey but missed by a mile.

"Nice shot." Aubrey said sarcastically causing Bree to roll her eyes.

" I don't like Josh and he doesn't like me."

"Whatever floats your boat." Aubrey said, her eyes starting to light up as she saw the perfect outfit for her bestie.

"Floats my boat?" Bree asked as that saying sounded a bit weird.

"Ugh, it's something like that people normally say, but never mind that. I think I found the perfect outfit for you." Aubrey said and showed Brianna the most revealing dress which she had in her closet.

"Oh no! Kill me now." Bree said dramatically and fell to the ground, pretending to be dead.

"Come on, this should have everyone's attention." Aubrey said proud of her choice.

"Aubrey! We are not going to a strip club. We're going to a football game. Why do I have to wear this? Besides, half of the time there you will be cheering with your squad. I support you being a cheerleader and all, but I prefer staying home. You won't even find me in the bleachers." Brianna said trying to justify her reasons for wanting to stay home.

"Ok, fine. I understand. I guess not every best friend comes to support their cheerleader friend at one of the biggest games of the season." Aubrey said, putting her fake crying face which she knows could change anyone's mind with, as they would crack under the pressure of seeing her cry.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

"Aubrey, don't do this." Brianna said already feeling guilty about making her best friend cry.

The crocodile tears were starting to form and then Brianna caved under the pressure.

"Okay, fine. You win. I'll go to the game with you."

"Yes!" Aubrey said, all signs of her crying were gone and replaced with a huge smile.

"But I am going to choose what I wear." Brianna said causing Aubrey's smile to fade slightly.

"Fine." Aubrey said, accepting Brianna's right to wear what she wanted.

____At the Football Stadium_____

"I'm going to meet up with the girls, so I'll see you later." Aubrey informed Bree not long after they arrived at the school's football stadium.

"What? You're ditching me already?" Brianna whined in response.

"Bree..?" Aubrey said using the same whining tone her friend did.

"I knew it was too good to be true. Food is really and truly my only friend." Brianna responded causing Aubrey to laugh.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the two Bree's." Giselle said coming towards us and looking a bit disgusted.

"Giselle." Bree and Aubrey both said together, with little interest in their voices.

Giselle was the head cheerleader and very popular in the school, especially among the jocks. She was very pretty with long blonde hair and very beautiful blue eyes, which dazzled d

ue to the makeup she was wearing. However, she had a nasty attitude and not even her so called 'besties' liked her.

She tried so hard to get Aubrey off the team but failed because the coach saw Aubrey's potential and talent, unlike Giselle who was only captain because rumors have it that her mother and the principal were good 'friends'.

Giselle rolled her eyes at Brianna and then left, followed by the rest of the squad.

"Great, now I'm alone....with food." Brianna thought and smiled deviously at her food.

Sadly, her plans were ruined when she heard her name being shouted.

"Brianna, I'm so happy you're here." Josh came, smiling like the geek she wished he was.

Josh was so sweet. He was a footballer, very smart and could become a great scientist or anything he wanted because of his intelligence.

"Hey Josh." Bree said trying to act cool.

However, her cheeks were already turning a bright pink, and it was quite visible.

"You came to watch me play, awesome!" he said.

His other mates were not too far away and were giving him thumbs up.

"No." Bree said quickly, making her seem mean.

"Really..." Josh said interested in why she was at the football game.

"I came here because I was forced to by Aubrey. If it was up to me, I would be home." Brianna said rolling her eyes.

"Well, the fact that you're here means that this must be my lucky day." he said trying to flirt.

"Josh! The game's about to start." his buddies hollered at him as they made their way to the lockers.

"Good luck out there." Bree told him and Josh gave her a peck on her cheek, taking her by surprise and then saying bye as he made his way to the lockers.

Brianna walked to the stands to get a good seat in order to see Josh while he played.

She sat by herself, but soon, some other students she knew saw her and she joined them.

Brianna was confused throughout the entire game but cheered whenever she saw her friends screaming and shouting, encouraging the footballers.

At the end, her high school won and everyone was happy, well, except for the losing team.

Brianna ran to meet Josh after the game.

"Congratulations Josh!" she exclaimed and hugged him even though he reeked of perspiration.

"Thanks Brianna. Do you" Josh stuttered.

"Go on a date with you?" Brianna finished his sentence.

"Yes. I never thought it would be so hard to ask you out. I mean, I've asked girls out before but you're different." he said smiling and his cheeks slightly red.

"I would love to."Brianna responded causing people to jump up in joy and Aubrey to scream and run to attack Bree in a bone crushing hug.

"Can you get off of me."Bree asked Aubrey and she did so immediately.

"Do you need a ride home?" Josh asked his crush, hoping she would say yes.

Bree declined because Aubrey was with her and she knew Josh lived on the other end of town and was probably tired.

He insisted but Bree still declined.

Aubrey remained in her cheerleading outfit and they went for ice-cream in an ice-cream parlour not too far from the stadium and then walked back to Bree's house since Aubrey decided she wanted to spend the night.

________END OF CHAPTER____

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