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________Ariel's Pov_______

I was happier than I had ever been in my entire life. I was finally married to Zayn, whom I had met on my visit to St.Lucia, seven years ago when I was sixteen. Currently, we lived in a huge mansion and I was pregnant with twins. I was also an heiress of many islands in the southern hemisphere and oil factories.

Zayn was extremely elated about our accomplishments in life, him being a singer and me helping him at times since I was a good singer as well. Since I was an heiress, life was good for me and I started my own fashion line.

My little cousin, Danielle, often visits me and spends weekends when Uncle Henry and Aunty Ayana want to go out on dates.

Aunty Ayana and Uncle Henry are doing great. Danielle was a miracle baby, no one thought she would survive. Aunty Ayana had almost lost her life delivering her baby. Howev

nd prevent people from causing human trafficking.

All in all, life is great for everyone.

_____End of Life in a Castle___

The next book in the Castle series is coming out soon .??????????

Short description is given below :

Living in a Castle. It is a flashback and we finally will understand why Raymond became so cruel and evil.

The main characters will be Andrea, Derek, Daniel and new persons to come. The cast list will also be posted immediately.

Please vote, comment and share my story with your freinds.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed my book.

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