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Chapter 37- The End has Come

___________Ariel's Pov________

The sound of rushing water brought me out of my dream, or so I thought. It was difficult to breathe and I felt as if I was hallucinating, as I did not seem to have a firm grasp of anything I touched. It became harder to breathe but finally I was able to beat the darkness which consumed me and I released a loud gasp, as I struggled to breathe. It felt as if I was under water and it was a bizarre thing to think. I opened my eyes, still struggling to do anything and realised that I was under water. I tried to swim to the surface but something kept tugging at my ankle, preventing me from getting to the surface. I felt the need to cry as I was panicking, fearful of the situation I was now in. I must have been in a huge cylinder aquarium for my space felt limited. I was still struggling, probably splashing water wherever I was. Everytime I attempted to swim upward, something would pull me back down. I swallowed lots of water through my nose and mouth, my ears got water so it was blocked as well, and my eyes burned so I could not see clearly. Some of my senses kicked in and I realized that a chain was holding me down. I sunk further down into the aquarium as it was difficult to swim due to the tight space. I tried to break the chain but it was a futile attempt. I was at the base of the aquarium and so I patted the base of the tank to see if I could find something to break free with. I felt very light headed due to the lack of oxygen my body was receiving. I was about to give up when my hand touched a cold metallic key. I immediately unlocked the chain at my ankle and pushed with all my might to the surface. I made myself as light as possible and when I got to the surface, my gasp for air was so loud. I felt so relieved. I coughed up water and vomited it out.

I opened my eyes and saw myself on the ground. I was cold and dripping wet. I was in a panic mood and I felt dizzy. When I finally calmed down, I got up from my spot and almost screamed in horror.

Uncle Henry, Aunt Ayana, Elena, Dean and all my other friends were tied up. Aunt Ayana looked very uncomfortable and my friends looked as if they had been drugged. I almost cried and screamed in horror, but all of a sudden, a side of me I had not seen in years resurfaced.

"Dad, why? Why torture me? What did I ever do to deserve this treatment?" I asked upset, my voice failing me from the horrific experience I had just gone through under water.

I heard footsteps but he was no where in sight.

"Show yourself you coward. Come face me like the man you think you are!" I shouted angrily at him.

He then creeped from the shadows looking like the devil himself.

"Why?" I shouted at him in rage.

"Honestly, it was because of the death of your mother. I was heart broken and since you looked nothing like her but like me, I hated you." he said looking sad.

"But dad, why did you kill her?" I asked with tears in my eyes.

" We were so happy. Then her memory came back, she wanted to leave me, to run away. And after all

. We were so worried for you. We thought you were de..." Elena was cut off by Dean giving her an elbow in her side to shut up.

"What's going on?" I asked nervously, " Is Uncle Henry okay? Is Aunty Ayana okay? Is the baby fine?"I asked panicking a bit.

"Uncle Henry is still in surgery but the doctors say he will be fine. He should be out of surgery in the next hour. The bullet missed all his vital organs and veins." Dean said.

"That's good." I responded.

"Aunty Ayana is still in the labour room. Actually they are still operating on her. It doesn't look like the baby will make it due to the way she was treated and was uncared for by any medical doctor. It is uncertain if the baby will survive and Aunty Ayana's life is also at risk. She could die." Sarah said, causing tears to form in my eyes.

"And that's not the worst news yet. Your father committed suicide. The police were gaining on him. He ran to your mom's old room and..." I cut off Elena.

"He climbed through the window and stood on the ledge. He then jumped the three stories and died. I know, I saw his body." I said emotionlessly.

Elena and all my friends hugged me dearly.

"We should celebrate after all is settled. We should go to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. We can relax and just forget about everything Also, Elena can be reunited with her family." I said.

Elena looked at me so happy and gratefully.

They stayed in my hospital room for hours until a doctor came in the room. He informed us that Uncle Henry was alive and well. He also told us that Aunty Ayana delivered a baby girl. We were told that the baby would be kept in the hospital under observation to ensure that she would be healthy and since she was three ounces small, they had to ensure that her organs had developed properly.

I smiled happy at the news. We then went to see them.

At least the end has come.

The end of my father, the end of feeling scared for my life.

____End of chapter_______

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