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Chapter 36-Reunited at last

______Ayana's Pov________

I feel so weak. I felt useless. I was a trained agent, the best fighter the SCPD had ever seen. So why was I so helpless? Why could I have not escaped all these months ago? Well, I guess it was because I am pregnant and also blind. Just thinking about the blind part made me want to cry. I was afraid for my baby's health. I almost lost this baby on more than one occasion. It was nerve wrecking when I thought about this. My tummy was already getting big and I really had no idea what to do. I was scared. I hadn't spoken to Henry and Ariel in so long. I wonder how they were doing.

I was just sitting on the bed in the room that Amara had moved me to when I heard loud shouting followed by the door being opened, based on what I heard.

I guess someone walked into the room because I then heard his voice.

"Ayana! You're alive." he said and I then felt warm arms around me.

"Henry, is that you." I said with tears in my eyes.

"Yes. What have they done to you? Why aren't you looking in my direction?" he asked, I could hear the hurt in his voice.

"Honey...I- I can't, I can't see." I sobbed out, crying profusely.

"What?"he asked shocked.

"I was in the dark for so long then someone threw me into the blazing sunlight. My eyes failed to see after that." I cried.

"Oh Ayana. I promise. I'll get you and the baby out of here." he said and I felt his soft lips on mine. He also placed his hand on my stomach, and I jerked back, breaking the kiss.

He also jerked back as he probably felt the same thing.

"Did our baby just kick?"he asked happily.

"Yes." I said happily. For the first time during this pregnancy, my baby moved. The movement was continuous and it filled me with joy.

Just when I thought things were going to get better, Raymond entered the room. I'm guessing he looked evil and menacing, his normal look.

"Why are you doing this Raymond? Why torture my family, our family?" Henry asked upset and a bit of hurt in his voice.

"All will be answered soon." he said and threw something in our direction.

The last thing I heard was a beep and I heard a thud on the ground, which was Henry falling on the ground.

_______Ariel's Pov_________

The past week had been a blur for me. I was constantly getting in and out of consciousness. I was finally able to

my 18th birthday, but I got into an accident and lost my memory. He found me agin, and with my amnesia, he brainwashed me into thinking that I was his fiancé. We got married and he lavished me with all the luxurious things. I was still unhappy, because I longed for my family, whom I had forgotten about since my amnesia was severe. When you were four months old, I longed to go out of the castle with you but your father refused. We got into a huge arguement and he slapped me so hard that I saw dots and fell to the ground due to the force of the impact. Immediately, memories of my past came flooding into my mind. I immediatly remembered the monster I had once known and packed my things and yours as well. I rushed out of the castle and fled for my life. You never really fussed as a baby, but for some reason, you had been quite uneasy and cried throughout the journey. It took me four days to get back to South Carolina. You were in your car seat crying and after I fed you, you held onto me like it was the last time you would see me. I died that fateful night, but I always watched you from above. I love you and I'm sorry for all what you went through." My mother said and kissed me gingerly on my forehead.

Before I could respond, I felt myself being drawn away from her. I screamed for my mother but it was in vain. She smiled one last time at me then disappered into the light.

______End of chapter________

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