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Chapter 35- Traitor

________Lisa's Pov________

"Yes boss. I got them." I informed Raymond.

"Just dump the boys in the dock. My men will get rid of them. Bring my brother to me. I'll unite him with his family soon."he instructed me and hung up the phone.

Three of his body guards soon came to my rescue, removing the bodies from the street to remove any suspicion.

I then went to a dark alley and quickly put on dark clothing, removing me from that stupid nurse's outfit.

I began walking the streets with haste, as I needed to get to my vehicle. The guys were already being taken care of and I needed to get to Raymond.

I got in my vehicle and quickly informed CIA of what was happening.

Raymond was an evil man. He wanted love but when ever he received it, he did not know how to treat it. He was always full of hate and spite, something he got from his father.

After the incident with him over sixteen years ago, the CIA sent me on a mission involving him. They wanted to arrest him for all the crimes he had committed.

When I was sixteen, he kidnapped Kyra and I. I lost my memory as to what exactly happened but I was told I was treated so horribly. I guess that's why Henry thought I was dead. I was informed that my body was found in a ditch. I suppose they thought I was dead so they dumbed me there.

A couple years later, when I was twenty, I knew I could never be happy with myself. I lost my memory and it was hard for me to cope. I decided then to work with the CIA. Never in my life would I expect to go on a mission to capture the man who almost killed me.

The reason for them wanting him captured was due to the fact that he had killed many people before. They had been trying to locate him but it was difficult.

A few months ago, there was a rapid movement from him. He then located me and asked if I remembered him. I told him the truth. No. He then asked me to do one simple task. He wanted to capture his brother. The easiest way to do that was to capture his daughter. The plan sailed by quickly until she escaped and got shot by some ghetto people.

Raymond knew she was in the hospital and asked me to get Ariel out of there.

Everything was planned to perfection. I monitored when Henry and the other two fools would be coming to the hospital. I then got to Ariel's room. I dragged her unconscious body put and put her in a wheel chair. One of Raymond's men then strolled Ariel away into the hospital's parking lot. She would then be on a flight to Canada, back to the castle.

I had already put a dummy in place of Ariel on the hospital bed. I pretend to be injecting it when Henry was close to entering. I then exited as soon as he was about to open the door. The idiots were so loud, I could have heard their footsteps from down the corridor. Then the plan was set. The guys never checked to see of Ariel was in there. They were too busy fighting me. Well, at least Raymond will be with his brother, alive for now. As for the two idiot officers, well, the CIA will just have to inform them of their tragic deaths while on a mission.

____Edward's Pov________

Urghhh.....why do I feel like I have a hangover. I don't remember getting drunk, or drinking.

My head was spinning. I hadn't tried to open my eyes. My headache was serious. Did someone bash me on the head or what? Immediately, I remembered what had happened. We were chasing after Lisa when we knocked out.

I opened my eyes immediately, but everything was still dark. I tried moving but realized that I was tied down. I could feel, however, that the place we were was moving. Apparently we were on a boat and the sea smell confirmed my suspicion. There was a black bag over my head. It was loose so I simply bent forward and it came out. I looked at my surroundings. I was tied down to a chair. Trevor was right behind me, and apparently still unconscious.

"Trevor!" I whispered, "Dude, wake up!"

He was still unconscious and I needed the chair to break so I rocked it back and front until it fell to the ground with a thud.

I was immediately able to get loose of the rope which tied me. Trevor had gotten up and was currently quarreling behind me.

"What are...." I immediately motioned for him to be quiet as I heard someone coming. I motioned for him to hide in the corner. Meanwhile, I went in a closet which I happened to be close to.

The footsteps of the man suddenly stopped as someone else on board had called him to do something.

After waiting a few minutes, Trevor and I came out of our hiding spots.

"What are we going to do?" Trevor asked.

"I don't know but we have to get out of here. We're on a boat now and I suspect they planned on killing us and dumping our bodies in the sea." I said in all seriousness.

"What? Why would they do that?" Trevor asked sounding traumatized.


ched my son lovingly.

"Mom, my friends, where are they?"he asked scared of my response.

"They're in a cell at the bottom of the castle." I responded sadly.

"Where's Ariel?"he asked worriedly.

"I-- I don't know." I said.

"You're lying." he said, upset with me.

"No.I'm not."I said and he shook his head at me in shock.

"Eli. She was shot by a stray bullet. Last details I ever heard about her, well Raymond's plan was that she would be brought here and reunited with her dad, before." I stopped mid sentence, too afraid to continue.

"Before what mom?"he asked fearfully.

"Before he kills your friends in front of her, followed by his brother's wife and his brother ." I said, my heart ached saying that.

"So, you mean...if you hadn't found me, I would be dead in a couple of days?" he asked, his face paled.

I nodded my head, too afraid to speak.

"Mom, I need to help my friends escape." Eli said seriously and I could see the desperate need in his eyes and tone of voice.

"Okay. I'll get some of the servants to loan you some clothes. You will be dressed as a servant and will stay in the quarters there. They are usually allowed to roam the cells so you will be allowed to do so. I'll also ask some of the guards, well, those I trust to help you get them out. Some of these servants and guards hate Raymond because of his cruelty so I'll get them to assist you without question." I told him.

He nodded his head in agreement and soon, I had him dressed up and looking like a servant.

_______Dean's Pov______

Hearing the girls scream was heart wrecking. They were being beaten everyday. I hadn't heard of Eli at all. I tried calling him many times but he never responded. I hope they had not killed him.

My eyes were starting to heal from the black eye I had received at the airport because I told the officer that we were in danger because of Raymond. I guess they worked for him.

There were many servants who came to the cells often to feed us or give us a wet rag to wash our faces or clean our wounds.

There was this servant who looked very familiar. He would just watch from a distance. There were a couple of times when the guards were beating us, he would ask them to stop and they would.

I was bored out of my mind when someone came to my cell. It was the same servant. He came to the bars and called me by name.

"Dean!" He whispered, yelled.

"Who are you?" I asked curiously.

He removed the hoodie made sack cloth from his head.

I was beyond shocked.

"Eli. You traitor. You did this just for us to be captured. How could you? I knew we should not have trusted you." I shouted at him.

"Shhh!!" He hushed me, " I am here to get you out. I was in a cell like you guys but my mom found me. Just trust me to get you guys out. Don't say a word about me being here." he said and ran out of the cell.

_______End of chapter______

I'm back! Did you guys miss me, or the updates more?

I'll go with the updates.

Spoiler alert! We're close to the end of this book and let me just say, I enjoyed writing it. Never thought it would end.

I'm thinking of adding a next book to continue the castle stories.

Read on to the next chapter. ????????????????

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