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Dedicated to nikkibuu22 for being the last person to comment 2 chapters ago and because she's an awesome friend.??????????I also dedicate this to KayLeigh043 .??????

Chapter 33- In a Vulnerable Position

_____Ayana's Pov_______

I knew I was up. I knew I was awake but no light could be seen through my eyes. Flashes of what had happened minutes before I could no longer see bombarded my mind.

I could hear shuffling in the room. I knew someone was there. My voice trembled in fear but I tried to gain a comfortable stance.

"Who--who's th-there?" I stuttered.

"Glad to see you awake. "I felt her presence closer to me. She helped me seat up although I could not see her.

"Your baby is fine, a few more months till you give birth." she said to me.

"Why can't I see?" I asked worried.

"You were in the dark for so long that your eyes had become used to the dark. The sudden appearance of such bright light caused you to go temporarily blind." she said.

"So I will be able to see again? "I asked with hope in my voice.

"Yes." she said quickly.

"May I ask why am I here?" I asked nervously.

"Well, Raymond is getting back at his brother for stealing Ariel. I know you cannot see right now, but I'm Amara, Henry's stepsister. I begged Henry to get Ariel out of here, due to her father's aggressive behavior. He had already killed Kyra. I wouldn't want Ariel to die like her mother." Amara informed me.

"He killed her? Was it intentional?" I asked, shocked that a man who went through all that trouble to kidnap Kyra, would ki

y vision felt blurry and I heard a beep which kept increasing. I also felt pain to my abdomen, which I clutched for dear life, while tears streamed down my face.

Suddenly, a woman came into the room.She was dressed in white and I realized she was a nurse.

"Please relax. You've just come from surgery. We were not expecting you to be up any time soon." she said.

She looked familiar. She looks like the lady from my dreams. My mom's best friend.

"Wait...I know you. You're.." before I could continue, she removed a large needle and injected it into my arm, knocking me out clean.

______Henry's Pov_________

The news just announced a shooting not too far from here. They say it was a teenager who looks about sixteen. She has long black hair and a few people recognized seeing her from the airport, moments before she was kidnapped.

I knew it was Ariel immediately. Edward and Trevor immediately got into the vehicle and we raced to the vehicle.

We had to get to her. After all, she was in a vulnerable situation.

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