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Chapter 32- Scared

____Ariel's Pov_________

Before I had time to react to the oncoming vehicle, the door was swung open and I was grabbed roughly and pulled inside. My scream was cut short when suddenly a chemical was put to my face which knocked me out instantly.

____Henry's Pov_____

We did not have enough time to save her. We were right on her trail. We almost had her until a black SUV pulled up and someone grabbed her forcing her into the vehicle.I only heard her horrid scream and that was it .She was gone.

Trevor was really upset. He took his gun and shot at the SUV in an attempt to stop it but it was bullet proof.

I was so furious I could not even comprehend what had just happened. Tears rolled down my face .I was disappointed in myself .I was so close to getting my niece safe.However, Raymond beat me to it.

"Don't worry Edward.We will get Ariel and our best partner back. I'm sure Ayana will fight for her freedom wherever she is .I believe that she is not dead .I believe that she is alive and is trying to get back to us." Edward said.

I wiped my tears, trying to forget my emotional break down.

"Guys, just find where that vehicle came from and if it belongs to Raymond, my brother." I said upset.

I walked into the black car we drove here in. We then drove to the head quarters to meet everyone else. I will find my wife and niece. I must.

___Ariel's Pov______

Everything was quiet. Too quiet. My eyes felt like they were glued shut. I stirred on the bed I was on in am attempt to open my eyes, but even my body was stiff. It was as if I was bounded to something.

After a couple of minutes my eyes slowly opened .It was kind of dark but I was able to see pa

regnant and stuck in a cell. I barely are due to the poisonous food in which I was fed, and I don't remember the last time I had a proper bath, meal or even saw the sun.

I was scared. I missed my husband so much and very fearful for him.

Just thinking about him made me cry, but I was too weak to do anything.

I was currently staring at the wall when my cell's door was abruptly opened.

I trembled in horror as a man grabbed me and dragged me out of the room. I was to weak to object and he pulled me roughly that I almost fell, tripping over my weak feet on numerous occasions. It was really dark, until he opened a door with such bright light that my eyes closed, burning like hell.

I screamed in horror, my raspy voice cutting off.

After what felt like an eternity I was removed from the room, however, my eyes would not open. I could not see anything. Nothing but darkness. I was scared. Scared that I would never see again.

____End of chapter______

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

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