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Chapter 31- Plan B

_____Ayana's Pov________

Never in my life had I been outsmarted by a stupid crook. Knocked out clean.

I could feel the bonds which held me hostage. I knew that I was blindfolded, my mouth was taped and my hands and feet bond by rope.

Who in the world would do this to me?

I mean, I know countless criminals are after me because I put them in jail or beat them up but this is just bizarre. When I get my hands on them, they'll be....

Without warning the tape was ripped from my mouth.

It would be an understatement to say I said ouch. I cursed the person so much and so loud that they attempted to hit me but I dodged it by throwing the chair back, falling with it. The chair broke and I was free from the rope. As it loosened around my arm, I quickly removed the blindfold.

I got up on my feet right away and kicked the guy who came into the room. He stumbled and fell down but got up right away, but I was already out of the door.

I was scared but calmed myself down. I remembered when I was in the castle with my husband about four years ago. I don't think I ever came across this side.

What am I talking about? I can't even remember where I slept when I was here.

Suddenly, I bumped into a hard wall, but I was caught before I fell.

I was face to face with Raymond.

"Hello Ayana." he said scaring the living daylight out of me. I felt my face pale.

"Raymond." I managed to sneer his name out of my mouth.

"Where we

plan. I would board the plane, but my friends would have been in South Carolina before me, so we would investigate and find out why Uncle Henry has been lying.

The flight went by in a blur, and soon I was right where the plan would be established.

I saw my Uncle, but then I saw other men looking around.I was a bit frantic and not sure whether or not to panic.

My uncle shouted my name but I ignored him and started walking in another direction. I started jogging away, trying not to cause a scene.

The men were on my pursuit and I was scared. There was this big guy who was about to grab me but I did a swift movement, tricking him. The other one and Uncle Henry were right behind me. I ran so quickly and was almost free until a black SUV came swinging in my direction.

____End of Chapter_______

Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

It's been a while guys.

I've been so busy but not too busy for you my readers.

I will try to update as soon as I am free again

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