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Chapter 29- Stalkers

______Ariel's Pov_____

I was parked outside Nadia's house waiting for her. My anxiety had built up and I needed to know the truth about my mom, her family and her tragic death. Nadia parked her vehicle and she stayed in it for a while, watching to see who was parked by her house. I got out of my car and not long after she did the same.

"Listen Ariel, you seem like a nice kid and all but you're freaking me out. How did you know where I live?"she asked.

"I do my research." I responded smirking.

"You were the one who followed me yesterday?" she asked a bit scared.

"No. I looked up the teachers' file and found your address." I said truthfully.

She looked at me hesitantly then invited me inside her house.

"How can I know you're really related to Kyra?" Nadia asked.

"Let me speak to her parents." I said confidently.

I wanted to meet my grandparents ever since I was little. I'd seen tv shows with kids with grandparents and how much love and affection they show.

I was brought out from my trance by the buzzing sound, vibrating my pocket. My iPhone 6 was ringing.

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone.

It was Uncle Henry. He told me that my grandparents were located and that they wanted to see me. He sounded happy for me, but there was hurt in his voice. It was as if he wanted to cry but held back his tears.

"Are you okay Uncle?" I asked worried.

He said he was fine but I knew it was a lie. He then changed the topic, asking me to come to South Carolina for the weekend.

I complained saying that school had just started but he commanded me to do as he said.

I hung up the phone and sighed.

"Are you okay?" Nadia asked me.

"I'm okay. My Uncle wants me to come to South Carolina to meet my grandparents." I said happy but sad at the same time.

"You know what, I'll have you to speak to them now." Nadia said and used FaceTime to contact them.

A lady who looked to be in her mid-fifties appeared.

"Nadia, my sweet daughter.It's been too long. How are you?Are you safe?How's school?When are you coming to visit?" the lady questioned all in one go.

Nadia chuckled and responded, " Hi mom! I miss you too. I'm fine. How's dad?" Nadia asked.

"He's fine. My couch potato is seated watching tv." the lady said.

"So everything is fine?" Nadia asked.

"Well, we got a call from the police today. Apparently, Kyra was pregnant. That bastard who kidnapped my daughter. They told me she was on the car as well when someone took her, leaving no evidence of a baby, so we suspect it was Raymond. So sixteen years after my daughter's horrid death, I found out she had recently given birth before her death."the lady said tearing up.

Nadia then pointed the camera to me.

"Hello." I said smiling.

"Why hello. You look just like Derek. Your grandfather. I didn't have to look twice to notice you. So you're Kyra's daughter." she said watching me with curiosity.

"Yes I am." I said smiling.

"At least you have your mother's kind personality. I could tell from miles away. I'm so sorry you grew up without her. She

was about two years old." he said.

"Okay, but what does Aunty Amara have to do with anything?" I asked confused.

"She's my mom." he said.

"Impossible." I said then suddenly turned upset, " You liar. You're working for Raymond. He probably sent you here to trick me. It's not going to work."

I then tackled him although he was tied up on the floor and began punching him. He was quite strong and managed to loose his hold from the rope.

"Stop.Let's just relax and talk like civilized people." he said and I nodded my head.

We both stood up and I removed the rest of the rope from him.

"When I was about two years old, my mom was taken away from my dad and I. My dad was a former worker of Raymond. I believe my mom, Amara, was your dad's step-sister. He took her away and I haven't seen my mom since. I need her. I've already spent sixteen years without her." The boy said.

"Aunty Amara took care of me after my mother died. She never told me she had a son.However, I believe you. When I first saw you, you did look like someone whom I'd seen before. You do look like Amara." I said.

"Can you take me to her?" he asked in all seriousness. He looked like a young boy who searched for the love he missed the most. A mother's love. Something I would never be able to get but he was lucky enough that he could still get it.

"I- I haven't seen Aunty Amara in four years. I ran away from at he castle. She begged my uncle to take me because if not my dad would have killed me." I said sadly.

"Oh." he said in defeat, " Well, I'll see you around."

"Wait!", I called out to him before he could leave the supply closet, " I can help you."

He stared into my eyes to see if I was lying but I was one hundred percent serious. Although I don't remember where the castle was, I knew I could get some help.

_____End of chapter_______

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