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Chapter 28- Discoveries

______Ayana's Pov________

Colonel Harris was still intrigued by the case of Kyra. He wanted to solve this case. The SCPD( South Carolina Police Department) had never gone with a case unsolved. Did I mention that the stupid man got a promotion? I know, unbelievable.

" Honey, I've been called back to solve the case." I told him.

"What's this case about?" he asked.

"A young woman was found dead in her car many years ago. She was only a few blocks away from her house. She was running away from her kidnapper. We suspect she had a child and we're trying to find him or her." I explained.

"Interesting. How many years ago did this happen ?" he asked.

"About sixteen." I responded.

"Interesting. I was ten at that time. What was the lady's name?" Henry asked.

"Kyra." I said.

"Kyra Henderson?" Henry asked in shock as if he knew the her.

"No. Kyra Edwards." I said smiling.

"Who was she kidnapped by? Was she kidnapped together with Lisa?" he asked seriously.

"Why all these questions? And yes, she was kidnapped together with her friend, Lisa." I said shocked that he knew so much about the case.

"That was my brother's wife. But she died a couple months after giving birth to Ariel. Lisa was killed a couple of months after being brought to the castle. My sister killed her." Henry said with tears in his eyes.

"What? Henry, I believe you should come to South Carolina with me for questioning and I am not asking you as a wife but as a police officer.Pack your bags. You're coming with me to South Carolina." I said.

Henry simply nodded in agreement.

I can't believe I never asked Ariel who her mother was. I'm a complete idiot, I said to myself kicking a chair which was infront of me and groaning in frustration.

Henry and I were at the airport in an hour and soon boarding a plane. We travelled in first class. I refused to allow Henry to take his private jet.

"When was the last time you spoke to Ariel?" Henry asked me.

"Shut up." I told Henry and he understood immediately.

On the plane, there could be enemies around, prying any information they could get on Ariel's location. I knew we were protecting her from her father, but I never thought the two cases were related since we never knew where these guys were located.

It was not a very long flight and soon we were in South Carolina, where Trevor and Edward were dressed in black and waiting for us. They escorted us to a black Ford Focus ST.

" What the hell is this?" I asked pissed off.

" A car." Trevor said.

" I haven't seen Captain Harris in four years. He just wants a reason for me to kick his ass. This is an utter embarrassment. I c--" I was cut off by Henry.

" Honey. Calm down. It's just a car." Henry said.

" Just shut the hell up. Don't tell me it's just a car." I said at the verge of kicking Edward and Trevor.

" What is wrong with you? What have you done to my wife?" Henry asked in complete shock.

" Dude. You've been married to her for five years now and you've dated her many years before and you still don't know that's how she is?" Trevor asked in complete shock.

" Wow dude." Edward said and Henry simply stood there not knowing what to say.

" Get in the car now." I ordered the

le I was driving, I heard a woman scream and saw a man running with her purse. I quickly informed headquarters of this and got out of my car to pursue the man. I ran behind him, shouting for him to stop. I was a fast runner and soon I tackled him to the ground. He faced me and I immediately recognized him. It was the guy who had tried to flatter Sarah but it was a trick.

My gun was in my hand pointed at him.

"So, we meet again. I'm just going to blow your head off before you try something stupid like the last time." I said looking at my surroundings.

It was clear. I wasn't actually going to shoot him. It was just a threat. I removed my handcuffs from my pocket and immediately arrested him. We walked out of the creepy alley and as I walked to where I had left the car, I realized it was gone.

I cursed loudly. I found it strange that the police was not here as yet. Suddenly, without warning, everything went black.

________Henry's Pov__________

Something's wrong. Ayana left over six hours ago. It is almost ten and she's not back. Outside is dark right now.

Trevor and Edward had gone to search for her over three hours ago. There was no location of the car Ayana had left in.

I was pacing up and down when the men came back. Their eyes were red, as if they were crying. Trevor was trying to be strong but failed.

"Henry, have a seat." they said solemnly.

I obeyed, observing them.

"Ayana's vehicle was found in the lake not far from here." Edward said, tears falling down his face.

My eyes opened wide in fear.

"What?Where is she? Is my wife alright?" I asked scared.

They shook their head.

"Police are still searching for her body. They suspect she got washed away.Ayana's dead." they said starting to cry.

"No. She can't be. She was pregnant. She told me today. I was so happy. is this possible ?" I asked with tears in my eyes.

The men sat there, still shocked about the discovery.


End of chapter 28- Discoveries.

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