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Chapter 27-Ms.Lewis

"Settle down class. Welcome to college. I am Nadia Lewis and I will be your Literature teacher for your next few years here." she smiled at us.

She looks just like how I imagined her, but there's something different.

"Since there are only twenty of you in this class since the others chose different electives, why don't we get to know each other better." she said and we all agreed.

My mom who has been dead for fifteen years is all of a sudden in front of me?

I stared at her in amazement as she spoke. I just couldn't seem to gaze away from her.

I suddenly felt someone nudge me. I realized it was my turn.

"Could you tell us two truths and a lie about yourself. We will then figure out the lie." she said smiling.

"Okay. Umm.... My name is Ariel, I've lived in a castle and I live with my mom." I said smiling.

Immediately, I heard everyone shouting that I've lived in a castle was a lie. It was quite funny, seeing the reactions of various people.

"So, you guys think the second one is a lie ?" I asked laughing.

"Okay, could you tell us so we know for sure?" A girl in the back asked.

"Okay. My name is Ariel. I have lived in a castle. My lie was that I live with my mom. She died before I was six months old

following me. I ignored it but something in my mind told me not to lead them to my house.

I decided to bring them on a wild goose chase. I drove twice around the park and then drove into the central mall. By then, I had lost them and felt safe to go home.

When I got close to my apartment, I noticed a small blue Ford Focus RS next to my apartment. I guess someone was waiting for me. Which reminds me, I need to call the fire arm department to ask them when my gun will be ready.

After all, my life changed drastically the day I was kidnapped.


End of chapter.

It's a cliff hanger to those who haven't read Kidnapped to live in a castle.

Thanks to all those who have read my book and supported me.

I have a new book out, 'My rebellious' life so please read.

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