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Chapter 26 -Mom?

____Ariel's Pov________

Beep. Beep. Beep. Roof...Beep...Beep.

Wait, did I just hear a roof?

"Ugh. Elena, you're not my alarm clock. Five more minutes." I said not even opening my eyes.

"Well, you asked for it." someone else said. It sounded like Dean.

"Wait, what?" before I could continue, my legs were pulled and I landed on the floor with a thud.

"Oww!!!What the heck was that for?" I asked annoyed getting up.

"Well, we thought it would be fun to harass you." Elena said using a British accent.

I decided that it was my turn to prank them. I sneakily took a key on my dresser, pretending I was just passing my hand on it then I went to my closet.

I let out a loud scream.

My closet was quite large, so I hid close at the entrance.

______Dean's Pov________

Ariel walked lazily to her closet, probably still half sleeping.

Not long after she entered, she let out a loud, piercing scream. This was unlike Ariel and I got worried.Elena and I gave each other worried

all the other girls around.

Drew saw this and spun her around to face him and kissed her passionately on the lips. She turned back with a smug expression and we all entered our new school.

What a beautiful entrance.

______a few hours later___

So far school has been great. My friends and I all stuck together.

As we sat in the class, a young lady came in. She had long brown hair and she seems awfully familiar.

A memory came back to me of my mom. Is that her? Is my mom really alive?

Is that my mom?

_____End of Chapter 26__

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