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Chapter 25-Our house

_____Ariel's Pov_________

"Ms.Henderson and Ms.Payne, right this way." a middle aged man told us as we walked towards the exit.

I smiled at him warmly.

"I am Mr.Dime and I shall be your chauffeur. You will be brought to your private house where you will be staying. " He said as he chaperoned us to the limousine.

"Cool." Elena said as we entered the limousine.

"I've never been here. It's so beautiful."Elena said smiling, enjoying the scenery.

"I've never been here before, but I feel as if so much happened here that I don't know of." I said quietly.

"You mean with your mom?" Elena said nodding understandingly.

"Yeah." I said bowing my head sadly.

"Don't worry, we'll solve her mysterious death one day." Elena said hugging me.

"I hope so." I replied.

"Although my mom is a nutt-job, I can't imagine life without her as a child. Just the few years without her as a toddler was hard because I constantly cried for her." Elena said sadly.

"I wish I knew my mom. She died when I was about four months old, but it was not a natural death. My dad refused to talk about her. At first I thought it was because she died of anaemia, but it was something more. It was as if he caused her t


I walked down the stairs and walked to the front door. I could not believe my eyes. I screamed loudly.

"Guys! Oh my gosh! What are... but.....huh? What are you doing here?" I said as I hugged everyone.

"This is our new home. Ayana and Henry set this up. They're awesome!" Faith exclaimed, giggling with joy.

"I'm so happy we can all stay together!" I replied.

"So, let's see who get's which room." Dean shouted and ran up the stairs.

They all races up the stairs, which was quite hilarious considering the fact that they had huge suitcases trying to run up the long and narrow staircase.

This is our new home so we better enjoy it, after all, school begins in two weeks.


End of chapter 25- Our house

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