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Chapter 21- The boss

_________Kevin's Pov_________

That girl is in for some trouble. I warned her but she wouldn't listen. The boss is one serious man. Anything he wants done happens in a blink of an eye. When I tell the boss that I failed this mission, I fear that he will kill me or my family.

I always obey the boss. He knew me from a baby and his men taught me how to fight. My mom is a maid at his castle. He always warns us to listen to him for if we do not we can face serious consequences. When I was seven, he killed my big sister because she tried to escape with his fiancé and his sister, Amara.

When I tell him I've failed my first mission, he may torture me till I die.

"Hey Kevin, why is your face so stern?" Westly asked me.

He had helped me escape the hospital after they were done operating on me.

"I messed up dude.I messed up." I said in distress.

"Mate, it wasn't that bad. The boss will understand. These were highly trained officers you had to deal with. You had a narrow escape."Westly said.

"Dude, they were girls." I said embarrassed.

Westly burst out laughing.

"Girls? You let girls beat you? Didn't you use your charms?" he asked.

"I did. The younger one ignored me. She looked my age. The other one stayed there blushing so I decided to act.I hit her behind her head with my gun and she passed out. The other one, when she heard the thud, turned behind.My gun was already pointed at her but she was not scared .She was annoyed."I said.

After I told him the entire story, Westly shook his head sympathetically.

My pho

probably had a child for him.That child could now be between the ages of ten and fourteen." the corporal explained.

" I hope that child is okay and not living with man." I said sadly.

"We all hope so to." he said.

"Sir, we need to continue this investigation. We need to find Nadia where ever she is. I believe she is in Boston right now." I said.

"Ayana, you should take some time off this investigation, you guys need to stay undercover for a while. We don't want to lose such a great team. The only reason we are continuing this investigation is because we need justice. That person is still alive. The victim's family need to give us more information. We need to know more." he said.

I nodded my head in agreement then exited his office.

At least we get a break from this mysterious investigation and I can live my life.

It's been months since I've seen my fiancé and Ariel. I can't wait to meet them and also Elena.

I thought to myself as I walked out of the office, the boss finally gave me a vacation.

Isn't life great?

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