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Chapter 20- Narrow Escape

_____Ayana's Pov_______

After we left Mrs.Edward's office, Sarah and I decided we should get something to eat.As we strolled through the town, a young man came up to us.

"Excuse me ladies, I could not help notice how beautiful you guys are." he said smirking at us.

Sarah blushed a little but I could not be bothered.

I ignored him and walked past him when I heard a thud behind me.

As I looked behind me, I noticed Sarah unconscious on the dirty ground and the young guy had a gun pointed at me.

"Is there a reason why you're pointing a gun at me?" I asked him annoyed.

"If I were you, I would shut up." he said attempting to threaten me.

" Oh really?" I asked smirking.

In one swift movement, I kicked the gun out of his hand. His hand was on the trigger and his hand slipped causing him to fire a shot. I tackled him to the ground.

He laid flat on his stomach and I had his hands pinned behind his back. He was struggling to get out of my tight grip.

"Who are you working for?" I asked jumping straight to the point.

I looked around to see if anyone was on the street to help me but it was empty. Not a single soul or people driving.

As I looked around, I realized Sarah was gone. A blood stain from where she was hit remained.

That means there are others.

Before I could say anything, I felt a cold metal on my head, then another on my neck.

I heard laughing.

I was frozen in my position.

"Kevin, you let a girl pin you down. Oh my goodness." the man said laughing.

I was then lifted off Kevin.

The other two wore masks.

Kevin got up, I could see that his face was pained.

He watched me screw faced.

I decided to act like I had no idea why they attacked us. I liked acting so I was going to pretend as if they had the wrong person.

So I screamed and began panicking.

"Help. Somebody he-" I was cut off by a hand blocking my mouth.

"Would you shut up." Kevin shouted.

The guy removed his hand on my mouth.

"Why are you doing this?Where's my friend?" I asked, pretending to look frantic to trick the idiots.

"Nice try." Kevin said smirking.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I said sounding afraid.

"Drop the act. We have been watching you guys. You guys are investigating Kyra's murder. It has been over ten years so drop the case before something terrible happens to you." Kevin said.

I decided t

l you." he said ignoring me.

"Well, I'm Detective Edward and this is my partner, Detective- " I cut him off.

"I'm Detective Octave. I like to get straight to the point do stop with the formalities. Just tell me who you guys are working for and-" I was cut of by a police officer entering the room.

"Detective, you have a phone call." he said and directed for me to come.

I didn't bother say excuse me. I just stormed out of the room.

"Hello." I said annoyed.

After listening to what they were saying, I shouted into the phone.

"What do you mean he's gone. Weren't your men with him?What kind of police officers are you?" I shouted and hung up the phone.

I entered the room with the criminals we were investigating.

They had a look of horror on their face as they saw me. Even Edward flinched.

I have out an annoyed help and pulled out my gun.I put off the safety on it.

"Who are you working for? Tell me now before I blow your brains out." I shouted.

"We work for Kevin! He told us that his boss had a job for us and wanted us to help. We needed the money so we agreed. I'm telling you the truth." he said in tears.Jack was a coward. He would easily own up.

"Jack, get out of here. Now!" I screamed. Edward grabbed him and pushed him out the door.

"What do you have to say?" I asked.

He smirked at me, daring me to shoot him.

"I won't shoot you, but I will do this." I said and flew my gun at his head.

It hit his head with a loud noise and he fell back. I even heard his skull crack.

I scoffed at him and went to retrieve my gun.

I then walked out of the room.

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