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Chapter 19- Mysterious

________Ayana's Pov_______

We've been observing the 'Edwards' for a while and do far nothing strange has happened. They seem like an ordinary family.

" Okay guys, let's do this."Trevor said with a loud clap causing me to glare at him.

"Trevor, we are not here to party. We are here to interrogate these people on a case of over ten years which scarred their family for life. Keep your cool." I seethed at him firmly.

Sarah and I got out of the SUV and walked to the door.

We rang the door bell but no one was home.

We tried the door just to be on the safe side but it was locked.

"Edward, where does Andrea work?" I asked.

"She owns her own company, I don't know the name but it's located in the middle of town." he responded.

"Well, what are we waiting for ?" I said and walked into the SUV.

Half an hour later, Sarah and I entered the law office.

"Good day, is Mrs.Edwards in office?" I asked sweetly.

"Who's asking?" the woman at the front desk snapped at me.

I was shocked at her rude response.

"Did she just snap at me?" I whispered to Sar

ded her head and took out her wallet. There was a younger picture of the two girls.

"This is a picture of Lisa and Kyra. Nadia looks exactly like Kyra. They resemble each other a lot. Lisa has red hair in this picture. Her hair is blond now and she is slim. She works with a modeling company but I doubt she'll be of any help." Ms.Edwards told us.

"Why is that ?" Sarah asked intrigued.

"She lost her memory after the police found her in a ditch. She never regained it.The man who kidnapped her beat her up so badly that she was in a coma for months." Mrs.Edwards told us sadly.

"Okay. Thank you for all your help.We'll be back if we need your help. Goodbye." I told her and we left her office.

This is one mysterious case.

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