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Chapter 18- My New Roomie

________Elena's Pov________

"You're pathetic! I don't know why you weren't aborted!" the woman I once used to call my mother shouted.

I was in my small room reading a book when she started shouting. I guess she was drunk for I heard glass breaking when her loud, raspy voice sounded.

I love my mother so much but she is slowing killing herself. She was such an intelligent woman. Ever since the death of my father while she was pregnant with my little brother, she turned into an alcoholic. She abandoned us with my grandmother. When I was nine, she took me to live with her in Los Angeles. She had gotten better and was going to bring up my little brother, but then she quit her job. She claimed her boss was treating her unfairly because she was black. She would have taken him to court but he threatened to have her deported to St.Lucia, and that was a no for her.

"Where are ya, you little rascal!" my mom shouted, her footsteps getting closer.

I ignored her question and continued to read.

She soon found her way to my room, after tripping over her feet multiple times.

" ...." she stopped and then threw my lamp down.

It crashed with a spark and bam. I suddenly saw my mom shake violently and she fell to the ground, still shaking.

My room was now in darkness since I was using the lamp as my source of light.

I switched on the light to my room and saw my mom's pale figure on the ground.

"Mom ?" I cried. She had just been electrocuted. I d

your belongings ." Ariel told me.

Mr. Henderson asked me if I was okay and he apologized for what I was going through.

They helped me get my belongings and then we went to their house, my new home.

When we got there, Ms.Mayer, their maid, greeted us.She brought my stuff up to Ariel's room. I would be her new roomie.

Ariel gave me a brief tour of her room and bathroom, even though I've been here a million times. After the tour, I took a shower a put on my pj's. Ariel did the same thing after.

We were currently watching television on Ariel's flat screen when her uncle came to tell us good night.

"Goodnight Mr.Henderson." I replied while Ariel called him Uncle Henry.

"Enjoy your night with your new roomie. Elena, by this weekend your room should be organized. What's your favorite color?" he asked me.

"Purple." I responded immediately.

He nodded his head and then left the room.

Ariel and I continued to watch television until we dozed off.

______End of Chapter_______

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