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Chapter 16- Back to work

_____Ayana's Pov________

Ariel had a splash at her party. I was really happy that she had a good time.

It was the following day after her party and I had just finished packing my bags. I was really sad that I was leaving her the day after her party but I didn't want to get fired. Even though I act as if I don't care, the truth is, I love my job.

I was dressed in a simple dress and high heels. I got my bags and brought them downstairs. Henry had already brought my 'Guess' luggage down.

Ariel had just finished eating her breakfast when I walked down the stairs.

"Ready?" Henry asked me.

"Yeah." I said smiling.

" Aunty Ayana, when are you coming back?" Ariel asked me, tears in her eyes.

" In a couple of months. I need to solve the case first. " I said smiling.

"Okay." she said as she entered the car.

We soon arrived at the airport.

I waved goodbye to them.

Henry and I shared a passionate kiss and then I went to the departure door.

**********6 hours later************

I had just come out from a meeting with the team. I was quite upset with them.

"Sarah, Trevor and Edward, meet me by my car now." I said walking out of the door and to my BMW.

When they arrived, I gave them all a glare.

" Well, this is awesome. I told you guys give me a few weeks. But....someone just had to open their yap --" someone cut me off.

Such nerves!

"Ayana.-" Sarah started but I cut her off.

"No! You listen. Since you want to finish this case so much then fine. When I say to get up to look for clues or ask people questions, you do it. End of discussion!" I shouted giving them a nasty glare.

I got into my car and drove off with rage.

I drove quickly to the apartment we were renting and went to the basement which our own private training could be done. It was really huge and sound proof. I got my gun out, filled it with ammunition, put on gloves, gla

t out of the vehicle, I saw a note on the car mat. Curiosity struck me and I opened it.

---It read:

You have been warned. Drop the case or face the consequences.--

"Guys, take a look at this. I found a note on the car mat. " I said and read them the note.

"Which one of you idiots did this?" Edward asked annoyed.

"Not me." we all responded.

" This is freaky. We need to take extra precaution." I said walking into our apartment.

If someone could enter our car, imagine what else they could do.

________Raymond's Pov ___

After two years, they decide to strike again. What is wrong with these detectives. Why can't they see that this case is not to be tampered with.

My men are everywhere and so I knew when they began to get suspicious of this case.

Recently, one of my men put a note in their SUV asking them not to tamper with this case. If they continue, well, let's just say they're in for a surprise.

"Amara!" I shouted.

She soon came in the room. Her brown hair was combed neatly in one.

"Yes sir? How may I help you?" she asked, looking at the ground.

" Never mind, get back to work." I said and watched as she walked out of the office I was currently in.

I'll have to fly across to South Carolina to watch these detectives carefully.

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