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Chapter 15- Birthday Splash

_____Ariel's Pov______

It was finally my birthday and I was twelve. Both Aunty Ayana and my uncle dropped me to school.

I was wearing blue shorts, a white top which said ' Happy Birthday' and blue flip-flops.

When I entered my class I was attacked with hugs and kisses.

"Happy Birthday!" my friends shouted.

"Thanks guys! " I responded happily.

The rest of my day was awesome. Elena bought me a cupcake.

After school, it was like a ghost town. Everyone I knew left so I was all alone.

After an hour of waiting, I was really sad. Tears threatened to spill down my face. Of all days, it was

rds me.

"Happy Birthday Ariel." he said handing me a gift.

"Thank you Dean." I said happily and blushing a little.

"Want to go and swim?" he asked excitedly.

"Sure." I said placing my gift with the others.

Dean and I raced to the pool and we then jumped in causing a huge splash.

"Hey. You got my hair wet." shouted Elena.

"Well, I was just having my birthday splash." I said putting my tongue out to her.

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