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Chapter 12- Slumber Party

______Ariel's Pov__________

It has been a month since I've been going to school with Elena. She's a really cool person. I loved all my friends and I wanted to do something with them.

I was currently home with Aunty Ayana when I decided I should ask her a question.

" Aunty Ayana, can I have a sleepover hosted here with my friends?" I asked her.

"Sure.We can have it this Friday." she said more excited than me.

"Yay!" I said in enthusiasm.

"But no boys." she said seriously.

"Okay, I'll tell Dean he can't come." I said a little disappointed.

Dean was a cool guy, not snobby like the others. I'll have to make it up to him.

********the following day*******

It was lunch time at school and I hadn't told the girls the awesome news as yet.

My best friends were Sarah, Dean and the craziest girl born, Elena, the pain in my behind. I had other friends like Xenia, Joy and Faith who were sisters and Krystal.

Xenia was 12 years old, Joy was 11 years as well as her sister, Sarah was also 11 years old. Krystal was 10 years old. Dean was my only guy friend. The other boys played too many pranks.

We all sat on the same table.

" You all have been so nice to me. I'd like to invite you to my house for a slumber party. Dean, you can't come because you're a boy. But for my next activity you will be able to come. I promise I'll make it up to you." I said.

The girls screamed in excitement.

Dean was cool with it. He said he needed to hang out with more boys for we were causing to look girly. We all laughed at him. I was happy he wasn't upset with us.

****Friday night *******

"Ding Dong." the doorbell was ringing and I ran to it.

" Yay! You came!" I shouted to Elena hugging her.

"Wow, for a hobo your house really nice." she said as she came in.

"Hurry put your bags down. The maid will put your stuff in my room. Let's go meet the other girls." I screamed in delight as I pulled Elena to the living room.

"Hi!" Elena said as she sat down by the girls.

"Hey!" they all responded.

"Where's Krystal?" they asked.

As if right on cue, the doorbell rang. I ran to it. Krystal and her mom stood there. Krystal had a huge smile on her face.

"Hi Ariel. How are you?" her mom asked.

"Hi! I'm fine." I said happily.

"Can I speak to your mom?" Krystal's mom asked me.

"Sure, come in." I said.

They immediate

We all laughed at her. When we were all in the kitchen, we sat on the fancy stools around the table. We ate the yummy pizza and then we went to my room to play some games.

It was a long night and we didn't realize when we fell asleep.

It was the best sleepover ever.

~ 'Ding Dong' was the sound she heard.

The teenager ran to the door shouting at the others since they wouldn't get the door. The teenager was about to open the door when she realized that her friend's house didn't have a doorbell.

"Lisa, do you have a doorbell?" she asked in fear.

Lisa shook her head in fear. Suddenly, the door was broken down. The girls ran away in fear but the unnamed one tripped.

The person who broke down the door tried to take Lisa's friend. When Lisa saw this, she fought with the guy. No one heard the commotion until it was too late and the guy had taken them both. ~

I jumped from my sleep with a start. That was a creepy dream. I touched my forehead and realized I was sweating.

The girls were still sleeping and it was the way hours of the morning.

I shrugged it off and tried to sleep.

Why do I believe that it was my mom in that dream?

Was the kidnapper my dad?

How did my mom die?

I was started to feel overwhelmed and so I forgot about it.

I closed my eyes and soon I fell asleep once again.

*****A week later********

The slumber party was awesome. We all had fun. Dean was cool about it but I wanted to make it up to him, so I invited him to my house to play video games. Of course, Sarah and Elena came along. They didn't want to miss out on the fun.

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