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Chapter 11- Why did you leave?

______Ariel's Pov_________

Today was another beautiful day and I had to go to school. So far, I really liked it there. My teacher was really nice and the children in my class too. I waved good-bye to Uncle Henry and walked towards the school's gates.

Soon, I was in my class and put my bags down.

"Ariel, where did you live before you came here?" Dean asked.

" In Canada." I said smiling.

" What type of house?" he asked.

I realized he was very nosey.

" I didn't leave in a house." I heard them gasp. They were probably trying to figure out where I lived.

"You were a hobo?" asked one of the girls. I realized it was Elena and thumped her behind her head.

"No silly. I lived in a castle. It was really huge and isolated from everywhere ." I said smiling slightly.

"No way! Are you rich? I hate rich people. They're too stuck up." Sarah said.

" I may be rich but I

I realized the book he was reading was upside down.

"Elena, I know it's you." I said in a matter of fact voice.

She simply shrugged her shoulders.

"Why did you run off a while ago?" I asked her concerned.

"Just forget about it. I'm sorry I ran off but don't ask me why I left my country again." she said sounding depressed.

"Okay. So, are we friends?" I asked her.

"Ariel, in the short time I've known you, you are a good friend which I never want to lose. You're an even better hobo." she said smiling.

I laughed at her and we went to class because the bell had rung about ten minutes earlier.

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